The Battle of Los Angeles’ French Connection

The Battle of Los Angeles is often cited as one of the most extreme examples of an extraterrestrial event being seen by hundreds of witnesses and has stayed in the minds of several of those witnesses as proof of something out of the ordinary in the decades that followed.  But is it possible there was another event that made the Battle of LA look like nothing more than child’s play?  In 1608 an event took place that threatened to shake the very belief system of all those who witnessed it to the ground.

It was August 15th in the year 1608.  France was under the reign of Henry the VI was attempting to set up trade relations with India by setting up the French East Indian Trading Company.  It was a venture that would eventually prove to be quite fruitful.  But as the ships were still being built in these docks, a new kind of vessel would descend from the heavens and amaze witnesses.

Throughout South France a number of witnesses from Marseilles all the way to Genoa would see mysterious objects from the skies that would descend on their towns.  It all started in the city of Nice, where a triad of mysterious glowing shapes suddenly and inexplicably appeared from the skies and shot across from the horizon before they reached the massive fortress within the city and simply stopped.  As witnesses stood shocked and wondering what this incredible development could possibly be, the objects descended and the waters nearby the fortress began heating up and boiling as if the ships themselves were somehow emitting an incredible heat.  As dead fish rolled up to the top of the waters from the intense heat, the ships began belching out a mysterious reddish smoke that mingled with the steam boiling up from the waters.  In a French news periodical outlining the event and titled, “Discours des terribles et espouvantable signe apparus sur la mer de Gennes,” witnesses recounted the harrowing details of what happened next.

Two mysterious creatures bearing a close resemblance to what many witnesses would describe in modern day close encounters of the third and fourth kinds descended around the outsides of the ships and began performing their labors along the sides.  The only difference in the physical description for these creatures was the eerie glow emitting from their eyes and the fact that they were both wearing deep red work suits.  The creatures, which were connected via a harness and tube system to the interior of the ships performed what the witnesses described as mysterious work around the ships exterior before once again returning to the inside of the ships.

Later, in the city of Genoa a similar scene would play out although far more dramatically.  Witnesses would describe a gun battle taking place between these mysterious flying craft as “cannon fire” was exchanged between several strange discs (including several that came up from the nearby water).  Eventually the guards of the fortress fired several hundred shots into the flying craft – a feat which they eventually claimed made the mysterious objects leave.