The Belgian UFO Wave of 1989

Rarely in the culture of UFOs do we actually see and hear of such an incredible mass sighting as the Belgian UFO wave of 1989.  Not only were thousands of witnesses reporting the event independently, radar stations reported contact with an object moving incredibly fast, and an F-16 was launched to intercept the mysterious object before photographs and finally video was taken of it.  But the focus this year has been on one piece of evidence collected during the events which proved to be a fake.

It all began on November 29, 1989 when the first reports started trickling in.  Witnesses were spotting a mysterious massive floating triangular craft with a series of lights at the corners and another central light in the middle.  With witnesses unable to assess the situation fully, they were left wondering if this was an experimental air craft or possibly an elaborate hoax.  Soon, however, it would become clear that the scope of this event moved far beyond simple hoaxes and into a world of the fantastic.  With the bizarre light displays on the first night, soon Belgian countryside returned to normal life ready to forget the events that perplexed police and witnesses.  Shortly afterward, however, the mystery returned – with another wave that would be spotted by several witnesses.  And then it was soon apparent that whatever was watching from the skies over Belgium it would not be leaving any time soon.  In fact, sightings would continue for several months all the way into March of 1990.

In that time F-15s would be scrambled, radar would confirm that something strange had been spotted in the skies, and thousands of witnesses would report the events to police.  The triangle spotted on March 30 of that year, however, would soon be confirmed by all of the above.  While two independent radar stations -one from NATO- tracked the object, the police would be called to the scene above which the object was hovering and a police Captain would note the object remaining stationary as if watching the world from above just east of the city of Glons.  Quickly F-16s were once again scrambled to intercept the object, and the pyramid shaped device outran them both quickly skirting away and out of range.  At one point during the chase, the object actually dropped below the radar line to a height of approximately 500 feet in less than 5 seconds from its original position 9,500 feet higher.  

And so the mass sightings continued unabated with the object easily outmaneuvering any ground based attempt to disrupt it.  But perhaps the most intriguing element of this story is how the object evaded being photographed more than a handful of times by emitting an intense field which caused cameras to not register it properly.  Despite this, only one photograph, taken by one man as a joke to show his colleagues made its way into the mainstream and was touted as the only genuine evidence.  Recently this was proven to be an unwitting forgery – though the rest of the incident remains completely unexplained.