The Billy Meier Story

 The Billy Meier Story

By Mike Whelan     At 9 o’clock in the morning, Billy Meier was standing with his father next to a large walnut tree at the rear of his house.  A strange urge seemed to order him to look high over the eastern horizon.  About ten or fifteen minutes later, a silvery flash shot from the sky towards his house with tremendous speed.  As it approached, details of the object became clearer.  It was a gigantic metal disk about 250 to 300 meters in diameter.  Within a fraction of a second, it dashed above their heads without a sound at an elevation of only 200 meters. 

Then just as quickly as it appeared, the object disappeared into the Western horizon.  Billy continued to stare westward for some time after the disk had disappeared.  Even though he realized his father was somewhat perplexed, Billy asked what this object was and where had it come from.  His father told him that it had to be Hitler’s newest secret weapon.  Although Billy was only five years old, this answer seemed unrealistic and too fantastic to be true because he had often seen American bombers and German fighter planes fly over his village.  The disk did not look like anything he had ever seen. 

Billy felt there had to be another explanation.  At the same time, the disk seemed rather familiar, like something he had seen before under more peaceful circumstances.  Billy’s thoughts led him to begin watching the sky day and night.  His thoughts and concerns about his experience slowly increased and finally became overwhelming.  Subsequently, he finally went to a local priest for help.  The priest was eager to help and he was well informed about UFOs even though Billy did not tell him anything about his experiences.  The priest told Billy that the “inner voices” and “inner pictures” were only telepathy and he advised Billy to learn how to reply to the voices calling him inside of his head.   In November of 1942, a pear-shaped metal object descended from the gray overcast sky. 

The craft slowed and landed on the ground.  A very old man emerged from the flying object and asked Billy to follow him.  Without a word, Billy followed the old man and they entered the craft.  Within a second, Billy realized that they had risen high above the ground.  When they had landed again, the old man asked Billy to exit the craft.  He was barely outside the airship when he noticed that the craft had ascended again with enormous speed and then disappeared. 

Deep in thought, Billy walked home and wondered if he should tell anyone about this incident, but he decided to keep it a secret.   Two years later, Billy Meier had another experience, which terrified him very much.  On his birthday in 1944, a voice suddenly spoke in his head and told him to study and learn information transmitted to him in this manner.  Billy did not dare to ask his parents about this incident because they would have thought he was crazy.  Once again he turned to the village priest for advice, who explained many things, including this new form of telepathy.  He told Billy that his life would become extremely difficult and full of suffering, which holds true even today. 

Billy overcame his fears and began to use the telepathy to ask questions and to receive answers.  Because of this, Billy knew the priest had told him the truth.   During these telepathic contacts, the human life form who had contacted Billy identified himself as Sfath.  Billy was taught numerous things and he also found out that Sfath was actually the same old man with the pear-shaped craft from two years before.  Sfath explained to Billy that he was going to be trained for a very challenging and difficult mission. 

He wanted Billy to decide whether or not he wanted to accept this important mission.  Sfath also explained to Billy that he had been selected for the mission before his birth and that Sfath had been watching him ever since.  Sfath offered proof of this by telling Billy that he had almost died of pneumonia when he was six months old.  Apparently, late one night the doctor had told Billy’s parents that he was in a coma and would not live through the night. 

Sfath intervened and brought Billy back to health again.  The next morning Billy was back to normal.  His parents were amazed and the doctor had no explanation.  Seeking proof, Billy asked his mother and she confirmed the story.   In late summer of 1944, Sfath arrived in his pear-shaped craft and picked up Billy to teach him many things.  They hovered 70 kilometers above the Earth for several hours while Sfath explained that he had educated Billy to the level of a 35-year old Earth person. 

As far as his spiritual development was concerned, Billy had already far surpassed all other Earth people.  Sfath also told Billy that he would only be teaching him until the early 1950s and then he would hand over his responsibilities to another, more highly developed life form because his knowledge would then be insufficient to continue Billy’s education.  Sfath further explained to Billy that mankind was heading towards a very dangerous time, a time during which the events of Sodom and Gomorra would be repeated on the 6th of August.  Today, this dark prophecy is known to every human being as the first and second atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  Along with this, Billy was told many things about which he would have to remain silent for the rest of his life. 

At the end of their conversation, Sfath told Billy to lean back in his chair and then placed a helmet-like device around Billy’s head.  He watched as Sfath manipulated several switches and buttons.  Suddenly, large volumes of information were available to him.  He could see future events, wanted to cure human diseases and do many other things.  Sfath removed the instrument and explained to Billy that he would now retain all of the abilities that had been released by the instrument.  Finally, Sfath took Billy back to Earth and when Sfath left, Billy never saw him again. 

However, Sfath did continue to telepathically transmit knowledge and information.   On February 3, 1953 Sfath’s voice manifested itself one last time in Billy’s mind.  His voice sounded old and tired.  He said farewell and his voice faded away forever.  Only a few hours had passed when a new voice entered Billy’s head.  This was a very different voice, young, fresh and full of energy. It was very soft and harmonic.  The voice told Billy that her name was Asket and that she would be is new teacher.  Asket was from a place she called the DAL universe and she became Billy’s second contact person. 

During the following eleven years, Billy was going to have the opportunity to acquire phenomenal knowledge and great teachings.  Asket took over his education and preparation where Sfaath had left off.  She guided him through Africa and his experiences in the French Foreign Legion, the desert caravans, the salvers, revolutionaries, bootleggers and the pirates of the Arabian Sea.  Asket’s subtle influence guided Billy through most of the European, African and Asian religions.  During his studies of terrestrial religions, he became a Protestant, Catholic, Buddhist, Hindu, Jew, Moslem and many others. 

He joined them, one at a time, in search for a belief system that was acceptable to him.  This was all part of Billy’s education and the reason why Billy was led away from formal education at an early age.  They wanted to reduce the contamination of concepts from our “standard” Earth belief system.  They wanted Billy to experience everything for himself and to make his own decisions and draw his own conclusions from these experiences.  Many of these experiences and tests prepared Billy for the tough years ahead.   Billy traveled throughout the world for 11 years and worked in many different professions including: a veterinarian, street planner, medicine man, ship painter, German teacher and smuggler, which is an “honorable” profession in West Pakistan.  On August 3, 1965 Billy was involved in a bus accident in Iskenderum, Turkey where he lost his left arm.  Four months later, on December 25, 1965, Billy met his wife Kalliope in Greece.  They were married on March 25, 1966 in Corinthos.  

Little information has been published about Billy’s contacts with Sfath and Asket.  These contacts were mostly of a personal nature and part of Billy’s training for his subsequent mission.  Most people do not even know that Billy has had contacts since the age of five.  The majority of Billy Meier’s photographs and information focus on the contacts with Semjase, a female extraterrestrial from the Plejaren (Play-yar-en) star system.  This star system exists in a physical dimension that is shifted by a fraction of a second ahead of our space-time configuration and is located approximately 500 light-years away from Earth. The Plejaren are humans who reside on their home world called “Erra” and is one of ten planets that circle their sun, Tayget.  Semjase, along with most of the other Plejaren with whom Billy has had contact, come from the planet Erra. The Plejaren look very similar to us for we all share a common ancestry. Their forefathers, hence our ancestors, originated in the Lyra-Vega Star Systems and they have been sporadically visiting Earth for over 28 million years. Some of these ancient visitors are responsible for influencing the development of Earth’s mankind, often with disastrous results.

Today’s Plejaren feel jointly responsible for the actions of their forefathers and have been gradually assisting us in our rediscovery of the path to a lifestyle of truth.   Following the contacts with Sfath and Asket, there was an 11-year break during which no contacts took place.  Then on Tuesday January 28, 1975 at 2:12 p.m., the contacts with Semjase began.  In contrast to the previous contacts, these contacts would be published for all to read.  This was the beginning of Billy Meier‘s mission.   Semjase contacted Billy frequently to enlighten him and the rest of the world about the truth and occasionally Semjase told Billy fantastic stories about the history of Earth.  During one contact she explained that our biblical “Great Flood” was really caused 10,098 years ago by a gigantic comet that passed very close to the Earth.  The comet, which is called the “Destroyer” by the Plejaren, caused extensive storms, volcanic eruptions and huge earthquakes.   Semjase also told Billy about Atlantis and Mu.  She described their flourishing cultures and the tremendous war that put an end to both civilizations.  The information from Semjase was not limited to interesting stories from our past; she also covered spiritual topics.  Semjase tells us that humans have a spirit that is constantly learning and evolving.  This spirit lives in a material body (a human being) for a specific period of time and when the body dies, the spirit moves on to the “other side” and continues to learn.   After the spirit has remained there for some time, it comes back into a new body to begin learning again.  Therefore, we are really spiritual beings or spirits going through a series of material lifetimes.  There is no such thing as heaven or hell as many religions teach. 

The purpose of our life is to gather knowledge and wisdom in order to evolve.  If this does not seem like enough to be concerned with, Semjase also warns us about the destruction of our environment, overpopulation and countless other things.  She not only give warnings, but also tells us how we can resolve our problems and the steps we must take to do so.  The contact reports contain an incredible amount of important information, which everyone should take the time to read.   In addition to the contact reports, Billy Meier has taken over 1,000 photographs.  Due to the quality of these fantastic photographs, they have eclipsed much of the written information and few people have taken the time to investigate what Billy has written.  Nevertheless, Billy has taken the world’s best UFO photographs

Many of the photographs were brought from Switzerland to the United States in the late 1970s to undergo extensive photographic analysis using state-of-the-art computers.  They were proven beyond a shadow of a doubt to be authentic.  In addition, metal samples given to Billy by the Plejaren were tested by an IBM scientist.  The scientist, Marcel Vogel, stated, “As a scientist I could not recreate these specimens with any currently known process.” Billy has done more than his share to provide proof of his contacts with extraterrestrials.  Even with all this, there are still people who say, “it can’t be true’ or ‘He somehow faked the photographs.” There is probably no other UFO case as richly documented by witnesses’ testimonies and material as this one.  Many critics who feel that Billy’s contacts and mission are impossible, try to discredit and ridicule him.  However, most people are unfamiliar with the facts and are in no position to pass any realistic or competent judgment on Billy or the contacts.  In most cases, these individuals have never even met Billy!  This is proven also by the fact that Billy’s real and full name is Eduard Albert Meier Zafiriou and is only familiar to a handful of people. 

Even fewer people know how he got the name “Billy” or that his name was written down 10,000 years ago in documents that were preserved, handed down and still exist now on Earth.   Billy did not strive for these contacts with extraterrestrials.  To the contrary, he was sought out by the Plejaren because of an ancient mission that began thousands of years ago. 

Furthermore, it has been shown that Billy did not agree to these contacts for financial gain, publicity, or personal fame, which is evident from his meager lifestyle.  The contacts with the Plejaren did not take place for Billy’s own pleasure because, behind all of these events, looms a huge mission that must be fulfilled by many people.  Because of the mission, many books have been written.  Some of the information was from the Plejaren and occasionally from even higher spiritual forms.  Some were written by Billy himself when the Plejaren requested him to do so.   On December 15, 1977, during a contact with Billy, Semjase had an unfortunate accident here on Earth.  After telling everyone that he was not to be disturbed, Billy went into his office, shut the door and prepared for a contact with Semjase.  During their conversation, someone knocked on the door.  Semjase became very nervous and confused. 

Jumping up quickly to return to her beamship, she tripped and suffered a severe head injury.  She was brought back to her home planet, Erra, to medical treatment and as a result this the contacts with Billy stopped.  On May 20, 1978 the contacts resumed until March 26, 1981 when Semjase left the Earth to fulfill other duties.  Semjase returned in January of 1984 and her last contact with Billy took place on February 3, 1984.  At the beginning of November in 1984, Semjase had a brain collapse due to the accident she suffered seven years earlier.  Her condition was so severe that she was immediately brought to people who were able to help her.  This allied nation is located in another universe, our twin universe called DAL.  These people emigrated approximately 50,000 years ago from our universe (DERN) into the DAL universe through advanced technical means.  Asket comes from this allied nation.  

Semjase is now in perfect health.  There is no physical damage left but she has lost much of her knowledge and information about her profession and other matters.  She must fundamentally learn everything a second time in her life.  Although she can learn everything much faster than we can, it will still take her approximately 70 years.  Her friends in the DAL universe are assisting her in her enormous job of learning.  Because she is in another universe and each universe is independent, spiritual telepathy is not possible.  Therefore, the only way her family is able to communicate with her is by traveling there in person.  Semjase will not complete her studies and return to this universe until the year 2054.   At the present time, Billy is still having approximately four contacts per year with Ptaah, Semjase’s father.  These contacts began in 1989 and will continue until Billy’s death.  When Billy dies, the Plejaren will leave the Earth and not have any more contacts with any other human beings.

The Plejaren feel they have provided us with all the necessary information to make a change toward a true lifestyle.  The ball is in our court and we must act.  The Plejaren did not come to rescue us.  They did not come to bring peace or war.  They came to provide us with the information we so desperately need.  The choice is now up to us.   More information on the Billy Meier contacts can be found at the Steelmark Online web site.