The Canary Islands UFO Sighting of 1976: Part 3

Many different people, who mostly spoke of lights, witnessed the Canary Islands 1976 UFO sighting but a few described a different scene. As mentioned in Part 2, a controversial account that a doctor made regarding the incident created a wide-range of headlines in the news. His claims struck a chord. In this article, we add details to his claim, as well as mention the findings of a Spanish UFO group who took interest in the event.


Francisco Padron Leon claimed that he viewed a blue sphere containing a couple of occupants inside. While riding in a cab to the house of a patient, he reported that the object was seen in front of the vehicle. He claimed that after the sphere grew larger in size, it took off into the sky. A resident who lived close to the patient the doctor was coming to see was in the process of watching television when the screen suddenly went blank and her dogs began to wildly bark outside of her home. Curious, she went to the window to investigate the racket and claims to have seen the doctor’s cab with an “alien sphere” in front. She also reported that she witnessed two figures inside of the sphere.


Over Canary, a wave of similar reports was made that same year. At first, the government did not release any reports and when they did, details were hazy. They showed acceptance that the possibility of a UFO sighting could have occurred, but they would not condone the reports pertaining to sighting an alien presence. The reports still left UFO sightings as an unknown occurrence. They also mentioned that the event could have been the result of unknown Air Force activity. They tiptoed around the issue of dealing with the subject of extraterrestrial findings.


Additional Investigation


The Spanish Air Force and Navy were not the only ones that took interest in getting to the bottom of the incident. A UFO group situated in the area called Fundacion Anomalia (which simply translates into Anomaly Foundation) stated that the sighting reported on June 22nd, as well as four other reported UFO sightings that took place between 1974 and 1979, share the same direct times and dates that the United States launched submarine equipment from a missile range located in the east.


The range of the equipment is said to stretch from Cape Canaveral to Ascension Island. The foundation cited that an astrophysicist by the name of Jonathan McDowell came to this conclusion after analyzing declassified records that came from the United States.


While this may very well become an explanation many will accept, others are more skeptical and question the validity of such reports. Some conspiracy theorists denounce any documentation that the government puts out because they feel a constant cover-up is in the works. So, did an unidentified flying object from space touch down on Earth for more than 40 minutes or did Canary Island witnesses caught sight of military activity originating in the United States?