The Case for Celestial Humans Part 1

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There have been no ET cases more heavily discredited and debunked than those that relate to the existence of celestial human space faring societies coming to earth to interact with terrestrial earth humans.

This is no accident. The military and the intelligence community realize that if UFO/ET investigators are able to verify the worlds religions and clear up the confusion in the minds of the religious, a powerful force for truth will be unleashed.

There is much detailed information available in ancient Hindu texts for the existence of extraterrestrial humans who make war amongst themselves and destroy many ancient cities in what we now realize was the cradle of human civilization in the Indus Valley.

I will limit my discussion here to the Bible as it and the Christian faith it inspires is much closer to home. I live in Southwest Georgia a area still known as the Bible belt and I am surrounded by fundamentalist Christians. Some of my friends have been pressing me to reread the Bible over the years and I have begun to do so. I am doing this with eyes opened by a lifetime of experience in the UFO/ET field. The Bible is based upon human extraterrestrial contact. Human evolution on earth has been manipulated for better or for worse by space faring celestial races of humans