The Cortille Witnessed Abduction

It’s always disturbing to think that somewhere out in the vast world there might be an extraterrestrial force just waiting for the opportunity to snatch us up and take us aboard an unknown spacecraft.  Even if nothing else were to happen, the possibility of it all is enough to generate a great deal of apprehension in some people.  But one of the things people have contended for years is the whole alien abduction phenomenon exists only in the head of the abductee.  Not so with the case of one woman who was abducted right in front of terrified witnesses.

The witnesses, according to testimony gathered by Budd Hopkins, would see the abduction take place right in front of their eyes and turn to one another knowing that what they were viewing was both unique, and would give a disturbing amount of credibility to similar cases they had read about previously.

It all began on April 29, 1991 when a woman now known under the alias Cortille arrived at her apartment.  A strange object above the apartment building would soon after pull her up and out of the glass window as she was visited by two strange looking humanoid figures with extremely large heads and massive black eyes.  As the day progressed, she would come face to face with the hidden mysteries of the cosmos and the strange beings that are ever present at the periphery of the reality we understand.  But if anyone would later come to her and say it had all been a hallucination or a dream, she would have two witnesses who spotted her abduction to back her up.

Unfortunately, the only two people who could corroborate her story did not turn out to be friends.  Far from it, they turned out to actually be quite suspicious of her and the incident for some time afterward.  Latching on to her strange encounter, the two men would stalk her and even outright abduct her themselves, questioning her over the incident for hours.  While the mysterious details of the incident remained just as elusive to Cortille as her secondary abductors, she would eventually be released once again and try to pick up the pieces of her life shattered by the mysterious details of the incident that night.

So it’s even more surprising that she would eventually go public with the events.  She would eventually outline the whole incident to Hopkins, and the story would become a part of UFO lore forever afterward.  It is considered by many to be the most historically important events of our century if it turns out to be true.  Not only was this woman taken aboard an alien spacecraft, but unlike so many incidents before her, there were two high ranking witnesses who not only corroborated the event, but showed an unusual amount of obsession over it as the years went by.

After the incident there have been a few cases where a witness was present during the abduction of a third party by an unknown force, but these are still exceedingly rare even today when UFO sightings seem proportionally commonplace.