The Dropas

The story of the Dropas takes place in BayanKara-Ula at the border between China and Tibet. In 1937, some Chinese archaeologists discover some interesting caves in the mountains and decide to explore them. In it, they found some strange skeletons which have a large head and a small body. They don’t match any referenced species. Then, what are they?

Maybe they are some monkeys, first though the archaeologists. But later, they found that some death bodies were under Earth with ceremonial objects. It means that they must be Human at least with religious beliefs in the life after death. The caves where these bodies have been found, were all linked and composed a vast village. This network of caves has been build strangely, it can only be explained by the use of an advanced technology, the walls seem to have been burned with laser precision. The archaeologists found in them some stone discs. These discs are very strange and look like some data discs. They have been dated to more than 12000 years ago! What can they be?

The discs have been translated by Tsum Um Nui and he said that the stones (they found 716) are saying that these people came from space and crashed on Earth and the local human tried to kill them. He said that it is why they needed to be hidden in these caves. It is interesting than we found this exact description in the Chinese folklore. Indeed, some ancient scripture told about some little beings coming from sky which were killed by human because they were evil.

Some Russian scientists studied the stones and discover that these stones are made of cobalt, a rare metal only discover recently. Furthermore, the stones when placed in a certain way started to generate vibrations. It seemed that they were using some energy. More interestingly, It still existed some descendants of these people, called Dropas in 1960’s and their genetic analysis didn’t match which any other human on this Earth! There are very little, 5 foots maximum and have a large head, their skin are yellow.

This is a very strange fact and it should be take in account when we try to describe the mankind past. China have always hidden these facts and it is difficult to do again some research, but the stones are real and still exists. Much more investigations must be done, because these facts can make people think more about some unbelievable possibility of our past.