The Dulce Papers

A joint US / EBE facility exists beneath the Archuleta Mesa near the town of DULCE NEW MEXICO. This facility has been in existance in one form or another since 1948. The facility proper is located one kilometer underground. The base is approximately 2.5 miles northwest of Dulce, and almost overlooks the town. There is a government road 36 feet wide going into the area.

In 1979, something happened at the base with 66 humans killed and 44 humans escaping. It is suspected that the US attempted unsuccessfully to take over the base by force.

One of the people who in escaped the facility was a CIA agent who, prior to leaving, made some notes, photos, and videotapes, before going into hiding. He has been in hiding ever since, and every six months he contacts each of five(?) people he left copies of the material with. His instructions were that if he missed four successive contacts, the people could do whatever they want with the material. The individuals caring for the packages were non technical in nature and new very little about the documents.

In December 1987 a description of these so called “Dulce Papers” was issued, and received by many researchers. The leak is suspected to have come from one of the caretakers of the papers. The Dulce Papers themselves were said to be composed of the following:

o 25 black and white photos
o 6 minute video tape of Dulce Facility with no dialogue
o set of technical papers pertaining to Facility


The contents included at least the following:

o discussion of copper & molybdenium
o discussion of magnesium & potasium (electrolytes??)
o lots of medical terminology
o discussion of ultraviolet light & gamma rays
o discussion of true purpose of the EBE’s
o discussion of usage of cow blood
o discussion of DNA manipulation
o discussion of “almost human beings”
o discussion of “creation of nongender being”
o discussion of DNA manipulation
o discussion of “almost human beings”
o sketches of the photos

A number of questions come to mind after reviewing this information

o Who were the 5 individuals that each recieved the “Dulce Papers” package

o In light of the seriousness of this material why has not one of them gone public with the information itself?

o Does the videotape actually show living EBE’s?

o Is the CIA agent still on the run and does he still check in with the holders of the packages?

o Who leaked the information about the contents of the Dulce Papers?