The End of the World

UFOs and aliens, and not to mention the famous ET by Speilberg have all added to the intrigue of sky-watchers. The sightings or the close encounters of the ‘fifth’ kind reveal the existence of advanced extraterrestrial civilizations, to the receptive mind. Human imagination and holistic approach do not deny the possibility of communication from ‘beyond’ via integrated consciousness.

Insecurity and the war ‘mind-games’ man plays have not spared the frozen space that surround the planet and the possibility that visiting life-forms could spell a final ‘take-over’. The human race has strongly identified with their ownership rights on the planet, much more than the ownership on life itself. This very identification is what brings on the question , Do the UFO sightings spell the end of the world?

Operation ‘Right to Know’ got a lot of media hype in the 1900s. Viewers and readers of documentaries and articles have consistently demanded the right to probe into the available information on UFOs and aliens. We have simply reacted to the very volatile and explosive content of Star Wars, Predator v/s Alien and Independence Day. These movies and sci-fi extravaganza have trapped imagination within the confines of what can be and what cannot!

The fact that the humanoid cases and UFO sightings and the Federal Aviation Administration announcements are never in tandem, simply add to the element of intrigue. The concept of aliens being the cause of the much speculated ‘end of the world’ is not new. The possibility of contact and the documented sightings have made the rounds for a long time.

The increase in the number of internet forums and memberships for deliberation on ‘Aliens and the end of the world’ are ample proof of the fact that UFO watchers are in a league by themselves. The ‘unknowns’ with no conventional explanation, whether a figure in the dark or a 16 inch metal piece from nowhere, point in the direction of a possible attack.

The end of the world has been a popular topic always. The stealth and quick navigation sighted by sky-watchers only add fuel to fire. What with the Laser Interferometer Space Antenna capable of locking gravitational wave-based communication on the cards! UFO enthusiasts are known to consistently promote their own theories, while skeptics dismiss the claims as outrageous. On the other hand, the military ends up claiming much fuss and bother over a simple weather balloon!

UFOs and aliens have now become part and parcel of our psyche. It is so natural that the human race should identify with the ‘contacts’ as signs of the final annihilation. Research has revealed more believers than non-believers. The ‘Historical Record of Planet Earth’ documents the ongoing contact with extraterrestrials through the years. They have surfaced from oral traditions and tablets of stone, monuments and petroglyphs.

These ‘art forms’ have been discovered or unearthed throughout the planet. It is debatable whether the images are lenticular formations or hardcore evidence. Nevertheless, the signs are proof of the possibility of the end of the Earth by alien attack; something for the human psyche to ponder upon and brain-storm about. Saucer shaped “clouds” keep intriguing the so called ‘ufologists’.

Could the sightings actually be an investigation for a possible invasion? Are the saucer shaped UFOs depicted in the sketches of the witnesses to be believed? Well, there’s no charge for speculation!