The First Mass UFO Sighting of the Year

Well it seems like the first mass UFO sighting of the year comes with the addition of video footage.  Several independent witnesses around Mt. View Hawaii reported seeing a strange light in the sky.  The witnesses reported the incident occurred at just about the same time several others were coming forward reporting the same (or at least similar) objects appearing all over the world.  The footage itself is by no means proof as it simply shows a distant light in the sky hovering and what appears to be crickets and possibly chanting in the background.

So with objects being reported all over the world, is this the first mass sighting of the year 2011?  Or is this a concerted hoax or prank set up to start off the new year?  Since this story appears at this point to have only communications available from witnesses via forums and comments in the youtube videos (which is a little difficult to cite credibly) the information is still up in the air and must be sifted through to a certain extent.  But what can be confirmed is that several hundred people seem to independently be reporting strange lights in the sky hovering in a way very different from Chinese lanterns happening the night of the new year in 2011.  The lights didn’t exhibit any of the signs of being a Chinese lantern.  There was no flickering like from a candle, no waving in the wind, simply a strange still object hovering and changing colors in the sky.

Of course this should not be confused with the formations of hovering lights which were seen widely the night before.  These objects, in fact, are quite unnatural looking and had many witnesses excited expecting 2011 to start off the new year with disclosure.  Unfortunately, it does not appear they were designed to preface a massive disclosure as they simply vanished into the night sky after a period of enigmatic hovering.  Were these objects simply party favors set adrift in the sky?  Many witnesses say no.

Looking for any information regarding a mass sighting in Moscow, however, no new information arose.  It seems the objects were seen by witnesses both out skywatching for such an event and those just looking at the night sky for fireworks.  It should be noted, however, that the objects reported and the object seen in the many videos posted online were not fireworks.  And while they’re just distant lights (a far cry from an up close and personal flying saucer) many witnesses are convinced that they were the presence of an extraterrestrial intelligence that had come down in order to either make brilliant aerial displays or observe the incoming new year and the reactions of people on the planet’s surface.

Meanwhile, a shocking video from Boston shows a strange craft a little more detailed than just blinking lights hovering in the distance even as fireworks, drums, and horns are played all around.  Some skeptics have suggested it could be a helicopter, but looking at it you can see that it doesn’t have any warning lights.  So what is it?