The Last Stand

Right now as we speak there is a major galatic war going on right under our noises that the U.S. government is hiding from us. Technically humanity wouldn’t take this whole drama very likey and panic and destroy because our relatively “primitive” minds tell us that when we are in danger or about to face danger to try and survive as long as possible by any means necessary, a perfect example of this would be when H.G. Wells put “War of the Worlds” on the radio in the 30’s, people paniked in the New Jersey and middle America commiting suicide [contridicts what I just said] and hiding underground in basements and getting rations, overreacting to the hoax, hence why they won’t tell the people a single thing of whats going on(and the ufologist and other people who study this sort of thing want the truth, truth is You can’t handle the truth).

  Anyways to the point right now as far as we know there are 9 species of sentient beings that roam this Milky Way Galaxy, and like us they can’t seem to agree on whats theirs and what territory belongs to them (a theory the Greys’ are fighting over our solar system right now with a reptilian look-alike of the velocoraptor and others). This inter-galactic war is causing great damages to the planets that once haboured life, many planets in ruins due to this. Now we The Human Race are caught in the middle of this and we sort of act like the negotiators for this unceasing war that has been going on fairly recently about 420 years and much of this has been taking place about 1,000 light years near the black hole Cygnus X-G1 [theres a theory on black holes that if possible to harness the energy flowing through it, it can power a ship roughly 10 miles long for 20,000 years, another one is the fairly popular one where it bends time and space and sends everything in it in another time zone.]Anyways millions if not billions have died in this war and now they plan to bring it to us, we fortunately have allies in this war and we surprisingly can pack a punch we’re not that weak everyone contrary to what everyone believes we can destroy UFO’s in the sky.

  As far as we know the battles have reached as near as our nearest star system Alpha Centuari which is roughly 4.3 light-years away, Proxima Centuari has been a very good source of fuel especially that its now becoming a dying star [red dwarf], but now that they have found a way to use element 115 and water as the ultimate fuel source, they have been coming here as a fuel stop which I explained if you haven’t seen my other submissions.

  Anyways I will try and update this status we have going on here