The Moody Abduction

On August 13, 1975 Sargeant Charles L. Moody of the US Air Force was driving his car when suddenly the engine cut out.  Trying the key, he found he couldn’t get the engine to turn over.  At this point very suddenly, Sargeant Moody became aware of a high pitched whine coming from the sky and something appeared in front of him that would change his life forever.

The object was a saucer shaped craft, estimated to be approximately 50 feet in diameter with a porthole where he could see shadowy figures moving within.  Terrified, Moody soon felt himself getting faint.  And then nothing.  The craft appeared to simply take off from there and leave him terrified in his car.  As he arrived home, however, he realized that he had somehow lost several hours.  With this lost time, he began to suspect something else had happened related to this strange craft he had seen.  The incident was unlike anything he had ever heard of outside of newspaper reports of a few similar incidents.  And yet it felt different, happening to him.  He approached a psychologist who, through hypnotherapy helped him recover his memories of the incident.

Eventually he was able to remember beings approaching his car.  They were approximately six feet tall, and clad in a strange black skin tight suit.  As he examined them, he discovered that they had very small noses and ears, but their eyes were more human than the traditional greys commonly reported.  He tried to fight them, but he soon lost all feeling in his limbs and collapsed.  From here he assumes he was carried into the craft.

Inside, he conversed with another being much shorter than the others who suggested he stop resisting.  He agreed, and the being released the feeling of paralysis by touching him with a strange rod-like device.  Moody was then taken through the corridors of the craft where he was told there would be no further alien contact after Moody’s experience by their race for twenty years, meaning they would not return until 1995.  The being then took Moody into what he assumed to be the Engine room and showed him a device that appeared to be the ship’s engine encased in glass.  The being explained that Moody would lose all memory of the experience after being returned to Earth.  When Moody engaged the being in conversation about how many were near Earth, the being explained that there was a far larger vessel, a Mother Ship of sorts above the planet that took “smaller” ships within it.  Moody then recalled being taken back to his car and the ship taking off.

Was this Air Force Sargeant making the story up?  When interviewed under a lie detector, Moody demonstrated to the satisfaction of the trained operator that he was telling the truth.  This was no doubt disturbing for those listening to the story, as they waited in wonder for the year 1995 when the beings said they would return.  Incidentally, in 1997 unexplainable lights would descend on Phoenix in an incident that would later be called the Phoenix Lights.