The Other Five Percent: Truly Unidentified

Of every twenty sightings of an unidentified flying object, statistically one of those comes out later to be beyond the known laws of physics and defies conventional explanations such as weather balloons, likely fabrication, or the planet Venus.  For years scientists have been scrutinizing these and attempting to identify this slim percentage of UFO sightings.  But when we look at the greater picture, we still have an disconcerting number.  And given the fact that there are somewhere around 5,000 reported UFO incidents to the National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC), this means statistically we have 250 every year from this one reporting agency alone that simply cannot be explained by any known means.

Of course these are only the ones that have been reported and published by various unofficial and official reporting agencies worldwide.  Even if we were to take these 250 there would be significantly more that are not reported at all because the witnesses are terrified of their names being attached to the incident in some official way or simply do not bother to do so, or are reporting to one of the other UFO reporting centers such as the Mutual UFO Network, Newspapers, and other outlets.  And yet as time goes on perception has changed and we are currently in an upswing of UFO reporting activity.  While this may or may not indicate an actual increase in paranormal occurrences, it does certainly indicate more people are willing to come forward with their experiences and share them with the world.

But who are these individuals making reports to NUFORC, MUFON, and others?  After interviewing several of them in the past, the only tie that seems to bring them together is that they are all for the most part ordinary people living with UFOs only at the edge of their perception.  They do not seem largely interested in the phenomenon as a whole, but rather are looking for answers as they relate specifically to them.  “What did I see?” is a more representative question of what they’re looking for than “What is visiting Earth?”  They have normal lives and normal day-to-day activities that do not fit at all with the polarizing conception that surely those who have seen UFOs must be of a specific type or in some way prone to such sightings.  They are just as confused about the incidents as those they share the details with.  And they do not as a general rule seem prone to exaggerate or in any other way attempt to make the story more interesting than it really is.

For these reasons, it’s all the more disturbing to hear in clinical tone and with attention to detail stories of a strange craft suddenly touching down in a field and producing several large headed bipedal beings.  It is as though these witnesses suddenly are transported to another realm where their senses are privy to events that we in our everyday lives consider impossible.  And yet these memories or incorruptible and often just as clear as any other memory a person will have of a distant event.  And the fact that it is strange is always painfully obvious to the individual witnesses as they must self consciously relate what they would under normal circumstances consider absolutely impossible.

Of the thousands of reports 95% of these are often natural phenomena.  The clarity of the other 5%, which are equally detailed and infinitely more interesting are distinguished only by the fact that they seem to so many who hear them to be impossible.