The Psycological Truth

concider the facts…….

   Do you believe in god? Why? Because your parents told you to? Well

im here to tell you that god is the biggest lie in the history of mankind.

Dont hate me right now. Just listen to this.


  If indeed the world was created in seven days. And in the seventh day man was created then why is it that some 34 – 40 million years

before that the dinosaurs existed? I was raised as a Catholic by my

parents. And ever since i was a kid I always wondered why god never answered my prayers. Something inside me was telling me THERE IS NO GOD. I started to get into science and let me tell you something my friends. Once you start getting more knowledge about science then your mind starts thinking about the possiblity that god doesnt exist. Dont think im preaching here and telling you to not have faith because we all need something to believe in. What i believe in is Science. Now im going to get into another sensetive subject here. And yes im talking about aliens. Greys or Hatchets. Whatever you want to call them. They are not the same species. This is my theory.

  Men was put in this earth. But not by god. But by alien beings who some how wanted to breed a lifeform to harvest and enslave once the time is right. We ( humans ) have the same capabilities as aliens. They have mouths so do we and eyes but them too. But the most interesting thing of all is that we and the aliens both have telepathic or psychic abilities. So we are not much diffrent from them as we all think. Can you picture the posibilty that life existed by some chemicals that were already on earth. It is imposible. Evolution sparked way to fast for life to have evolutionized in less than 6.5 billion years. Does it fit? Yes? Really? Because it doesnt to me. It sounds crazy yes i know.

  Are aliens here? My answer is yes. And they are here to help. The greys wich most people claim to have seen. Are the evil ones. Who plan to enslave the world when the time is right. Now you may wonder. Why not 100 years ago when we had to atomic bomb or greater weapons? I will tell you why. It is because they want to study the creation and how far in technology we can go and witness the creation of a lifeform wich their ancestors created. But they wont let us have to much fun. Yes, the government has made some deals with the greys in the advancement of our technology. But the question for them is. What will we do with this kind of technology? And the government has made deals with the hatchets witch i am greatfull to say they are the good guys. And they are here to help us win the war against the greys when they come here to attack. Thats is my theories my friends and i will post more as i get more information from my recources.

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