The Robert Taylor Incident

When looking at the history of famous cases of close encounters of the
third kind, few are quite as strange and honest as those experienced by
Robert Taylor on November 9, 1979.  As he has recalled the incident
several times over the years, he has never asked for any financial
reimbursement for retelling his story.  In addition to the strange
report itself, trace evidence was left behind backing up his claim.  If
you’re unfamiliar with the Robert Taylor Incident, prepare for a
journey deep into the realm of high strangeness.

The brisk
November morning was a busy one for Robert Taylor.  Taylor had been
employed by the Livingston Development Corporation, and was on a survey
operation just outside of town examining the growth of saplings in the
forest.  As he parked his truck around 10:00 am, he and his dog exited
the vehicle and began their trek into the woods on foot.  The clearing
he was surveying was a little under half a mile into the woods.  As he
reached it, he stopped dead in his tracks as he saw a strange spherical
object hovering just above the ground.  The object appeared to have
propellers on top of it, and was a shiny chrome that appeared to be
translucent or even transparent in places.  As he stood there watching
the object, suddenly two smaller objects dropped from the craft.

strange spherical shapes were considerably smaller than the larger
craft, and seemed to be made of a similar chrome material.  The
objects, or possibly creatures began rolling slowly approaching him. 
They each had several appendages protruding from them making them look
almost like sea mines or prickly pears.  He remembers the strange
objects making strange squishing and plopping noises as they approached
him.  As they reached him, they grabbed on to the sides of his pants
just beneath the pockets.  Taylor lost consciousness as they dragged
him toward the ship and catching a whiff of a strange acrid smell. 
When he awoke, he was by himself and unable to speak.  He dragged
himself to his truck and tried to radio for help, but was unable to do
so because of a strange choking sensation that followed him.  Nearing
unconsciousness, Taylor crashed his truck on the way home and had to
stagger the rest of the way on foot.  When his wife saw his condition,
she asked him what had happened but he was unable to answer.  She
called the police, but Taylor insisted they contact his employers.  To
this day most explanations for Taylor’s strange experience seem
strangely lacking in substance.  One skeptical explanation hold that
Taylor simply saw the planet Venus and had an epileptic seizure.  The
rest was merely a hallucination.  And the atypical design of the
strange craft and creatures themselves is certainly something
ufologists have taken into consideration.  Taylor’s pants were ripped
at exactly the places that would be consistent with his story, and
tracks consistent with the creatures Taylor described were found at the
site.  What were they doing there?  And what almost happened to Robert