The Roswell Incident – The Black Box Scenario

Last Updated on June 8, 2020 by admin

In our ongoing coverage of the motivations behind the Roswell Incident coverup and years of denials or outright silence over the subject we come to the next possibility in this strangest of cases.  Number three on the list is a scenario we briefly touched on earlier this year.  What if the Roswell craft were just as mysterious and featureless as the eventual story they gave the public?  And what if they couldn’t tell how it could have possibly gotten off the ground in the first place?

There have been hundreds of differing descriptions of the craft over the years with some suggesting it was an advanced scientist’s dream of technology and mysterious inner mechanisms while others say it was a more spiritual device than a mechanical one, responding to the subtle movements of the driving entity’s consciousness rather than actually finding thrust through conventional means.

But what if the visitors were not really visitors at all?  Experiments conducted by Edgar Mitchell as he reached The Moon suggest that psychic phenomena are not affected by distance.  And so if psychic phenomena drive telekinesis, and are not affected by distance, then would it be possible for an incredibly advanced race to use telekinesis as its basis for exploring other worlds and interacting with its inhabitants?  Perhaps if this mechanism were used to talk to alien beings, the craft itself would serve very little purpose and have no real technology within.  And of course the beings constructed as artificial surrogates for the psychic visitors would also have no internal mechanisms.  And then if the connection between craft and the controller were somehow lost either due to death or some other unknown phenomenon, then the craft would simply crash to the Earth and its inhabitants would spill out like rag dolls.  To an unknowing witness these beings would look like deceased aliens, even if their bodies had been constructed of rubber and filled with sand.  The craft may even have telekinetically altered “props” for when interacting with humans onboard the spacecraft to give the image of alien beings visiting from a distant world easier to understand without giving away the truth – that the beings and their ship are simply puppets controlled by a distant observing master.

The I beams in the craft are sometimes compared to wood and the hieroglyphs, when interpreted seem to have no recognizable code to them.  The physiology of the creatures seem to lack important characteristics that would be required for a species to survive.  And yet they are seen as animate and even possessing incredible strength for their relatively diminutive frames.

Imagine the surprise, then when military officials first began looking into the alien technology onboard and found the equivalent to useless props scattered about in a lead ship that by all means simply should not fly.  And the beings themselves may have appeared to be made of material that didn’t seem to make sense for an organic being.  If telekinesis were used from afar, and the military found the craft, they would be pressured by the international community to share the secrets of the craft to decode them.  And yet in doing so they would lose their monopoly on any technology that could be derived from the device if they could ever figure out how it worked.  And so the cover-up would continue indefinitely and the mystery would remain forever unsolved.