The Strange Star

The mysterious star-like objects reported by witnesses hovering above
Colorado have been reported officially now by two different groups who
independently of one another claim they had been seen throughout May and
before then.  The first witness reports having seen strange stars
leaving their position in the sky to roam about and dance at speeds
impossible to reproduce by man-made sources currently.  The second
witness’ story picks up just as the first one leaves off.

It all
began, according to the first report submitted to MUFON, on March 29,
2010.  A husband, wife, and their three children were star gazing when
suddenly the husband noted that one of the stars they were seeing was
incredibly bright.  They were located on the outskirts of Vail Colorado,
just west of Boulder.  During the sighting they noticed the light blink
out of existence only to reappear moments later in another section of
sky.  One month later, on April 12 then again on the 27th the objects
reappeared, but were not photographed or followed.  On May fifth just as
the sun was going down they noticed the strange phenomena once again
and hopped in their car to follow the strange lights in the sky.  As
they drove, the father of the family pulled out his video camera, and
recorded video of the strange objects.  Upon reviewing it later, the
witnesses noticed that the lights seemed to surround a dull cylindrical
shape.  The footage was handed over to Mufon investigators and is
currently being studied.  Finally, May 21st came around as the family
was holding a social gathering with friends.  The lights were
multi-colored, yellow, red, blue, green, and purple.  The witnesses say
they continue to this day to see the strange objects every now and again
with the last reported occurrence on the second.  It was on this night
that another group would be out stargazing while on a camping trip in
the area outside of Vail and would come across the same thing.

watching the sky they followed a strange star moving across the sky
moving.  As it darted around the sky they waited and watched.  Little
did they know they were not the only ones who would submit a report of
their incredible sight.  The area just west of Boulder Colorado has seen
quite its share of activity over the years, but Vail seems to be
quickly becoming what is known to those in the field as a UFO hot spot.

two witnesses saw the objects and reported them to MUFON there are no
doubt more out there who simply do not know who to approach with their
sightings.  One of the strangest things about UFOs is not that so many
people see them, but that so many people do not.  Is it possible that so
many could be so oblivious to events in the skies above them?  Any
number of people should have also found something strange about the
objects flying through the sky and then reported them to MUFON and other
organizations like it.  The fact that they did not only multiplies the
strange nature of this case.