The Strange Tale of Maria Pretzel

When Maria Elodia Pretzel was discovered, she was disoriented and confused by an incident that she says had just transpired.  The hotel she was in, run by her father, was well respected in the community as was she.  So when she said that a strange man entered the room with a glowing ball of light held in his hand hovering a few feet off the ground her friends and family were concerned to say the least.

When they consulted the family doctor he discovered that she was under a great deal of stress, but each of the events seemed to be directly related to the incident itself and not to any pre-existing condition.  The simple fact of the matter was, no authority could discover any reason for Ms. Pretzel to have hallucinated the whole incident.

Her account goes that she had been in the room when suddenly a beam of light glared from the window and beneath the door and a man hovered into the room and began speaking to her verbally in a strange language that would seem like gibberish to us.  The small amount of information the man conveyed to her was more from the soothing tone of his voice and his gentle appearance.  He was for the most part human with no particularly alien features aside from an unearthly beauty.  In his hand he held a glowing orb that seemed to emit a sort of energy that relaxed Ms. Pretzel and caused her to lose control of her muscles and she felt herself compelled to lie back as he hovered a few feet from her speaking soothing words.  The only words she was able to understand came from the back of her mind, “Don’t fear… don’t be afraid.”  The strange nature of the man both soothed and terrified her as he stood there speaking to her before leaving.

The incident remained secret for days aside from those close to the family.  And yet independent of the family several UFO sightings occurred in the darkest hours of the night including two floating red lights that were described as incredibly bright by the witnesses as they moved across the sky.

A detailed report on the incident written by Daniel J. Lopez and translated by Guillermo Gimenez of the Institute of Hispanic UFOlogy covered the account in great detail and can be found on the site Inexplicata along with a sketch of the strange visitor.  And even without its telltale trace evidence left behind, the incredible incident is a paramount example of the strange UFO related incidents in the late sixties and particularly in 1968.