The Theory of Nazi UFOs in a Nutshell

Recently a series of stories covering rumors of Hitler’s Nazi Armada have come about from various sources, partially due to an upcoming film on the subject.  The Nazi UFO theory has been about for quite some time and its narrative has a disturbing amount of factual information derived not from unverified sources, but from history books as well.  But if a UFO Armada developed by Hitler suddenly disappeared, an interesting and potentially terrifying narrative starts to emerge.

The idea of a Nazi armada of UFOs being whisked away to locations unknown at the end of World War II to an undisclosed location by parties unknown seems to border on the vivid nightmares of a 1950’s pulp fiction writer, but when the idea that Hitler’s body was never actually confirmed to be discovered (though the Soviet Union shortly claimed that a skeleton was confirmed from dental records, this is hotly debated) an even more disturbing and strange possibility is inevitably raised.  Theories around Hitler’s armada of antigravity craft not only predates western space programs, it hotly contests everything we know about the history of space travel, and challenges everything we know about the end of the war.  But if it were true, what better reason would there be to cover up the UFO phenomenon than a genetically modified army designed to wait out the coming era of humanity’s technology in space from one of the most emotionally charged and bloody times in mankind’s history?  Not only is this one of the strangest ideas ever to enter a field already fraught with high strangeness, it is also one of the most controversial.

The theory centers around one German scientist, Viktor Schauberger, who worked on a device known as the “Repulsin” which allowed for flight of a flying saucer shaped craft by means of a mysterious principle that is still largely unknown today.  Still, reports of Schauberger’s specific design actually accomplishing easy flight are said to have allowed the scientist to not only accomplish flight similar to antigravity, but do so in a way far beyond what we currently understand.  For obvious reasons the principles involved in the actual mechanism of the craft are highly controversial and often debated.  But if a working model of the craft were somehow to work, it would essentially allow an enclosed environment to travel with incredible speed and even outside of Earth’s atmosphere.  The creation of a device utilizing this effect would in essence make a number of things possible.

If the idea of Nazis being behind the entire UFO phenomenon seems a bit too sensationalist to be true, you’re certainly in good company.  But in the spirit of speculation, it’s always interesting to take a story such as this and dedicate a bit of time and some questions to it to see what comes about.  And if the source of an “alien” presence were terrestrial in origin, it would explain quite a bit.

First, the alien abduction phenomenon largely involves eerie genetic experiments and artificial breeding programs – both interests of the third Reich.  A strange and often underreported aspect of alien abduction reports is the idea that some technologies seen present on the mysterious craft correspond with more terrestrial technology.  Though no one has seen a laptop computer or a television necessarily on a UFO, interface controls do sometimes seem to parallel terrestrial technology as though it were being reverse engineered from a terrestrial source.  The interiors of UFOs have indeed progressed quite a bit technologically when comparing reports in a fairly short period of time.  And perhaps most compelling is the fact that shortly after the Allied victory overthrowing Hitler’s terrifying regime, flying saucers soon became commonplace.

And while this loose association for parallels may be insufficient to prove the UFO conspiracy originates closer to home, it is certainly food for thought and a compelling, albeit disturbing, possibility.