The Truth About UFOs And Disclosure

There are lots of new UFO videos on YouTube and UFO sightings and disclosure news articles world-wide since the “ETs disabling our nukes” news conference on Sept 27. I think all of you know how to find these so I am not going to list them here but have something else for you.

Disclosure, what is it?

Well, consider that ETs, both human, humanoid and non humanoid have been visiting Earth for eons, which we now have more than enough archeological evidence to support. In fact there is so much evidence now that the burden of proof has switched to the skeptics now, and besides their same old tired debunk mentality they have no proof of their position; just their philosophy that there is no God, no Santa Claus and no life after death etc etc. Just because there are plenty of phony UFO videos and photos on the internet does not prove that the real ones are phony too.

What will it mean to us, to the average above-average citizen?

Rather than give you an opinion of the political ramifications of first contact, which others smarter than me have already done, I am just going to play a numbers game to give you a sense of the magnitude of information that is about to flood over us like a galactic tsunami and the psychological adjustment this will require, which is the real mechanism of disclosure.

Testimony from several reliable sources, including Eisenhower’s own daughter show that Human ETs met with President Eisenhower in 1952 and offered to make first contact with Humanity. Eisenhower told them we were not ready.


Point taken, we were not. Some of us may have been but as a society, even world wide we were not ready. So then an alternative plan was conceived on the highest levels of many govts. This plan was to use popular media to condition the world human population to be ready for the revelation of the existence of Extraterrestrial intelligent life. My friend Peter Mount Shasta has written about this US Govt/Hollywood consciousness raising effort in his book. Look at the movies and TV shows about Aliens we have had starting in the 1950s with poor special effects, basically space soap operas right up to the present where digital technology can show us anything writers can imagine.

Star Trek, Star Wars, Stargate, Starship Troopers, Star this and Alien that, so many you could not remember them all. KPAX, War of the Worlds, Day the Earth Stood Still, Independence Day, Mars Attacks!, Alien nation, Visitors, Lex, Roswell, The Event, project Blue beam, Battlestar Galactica, Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, really the list goes on and on, I am just giving you examples, the amount of these kinds of shows and movies that have been made over the last 60 years is staggering! Why? Why are we obsessed with Aliens and space travel? Why is it that you see Gray Alien faces everywhere in popular culture?

All this effective conditioning for the population of the world while our govts at the same time deny any and all knowledge of such things. If you stand back and look at it you realize that this all started when the ETs came and met with our leaders 60 years ago. US technology trade deals with the Gray aliens in return for allowing them to continue their medical research on us (abductions) in their effort to save their dying race and help us eradicate our own diseases and short life spans in the process, great fleets of secret reverse engineered anti gravity aircraft in possession of our military, new technologies that render old technology useless in short order. The digital age, computers, smart phones, wireless technology – all this came from you know where!  🙂

Ok, so I will leave that part of it even though I know libraries of books can be written about all of it and move on to the next step:

Galactic Wide Web – GWW. Picture all the information and data on earth, history, technology, arts, engineering, science, academics of all kinds, information on the internet expanding and growing at a wild rate, and pretty much on its own!


Ok now for the sake of this exercise think of say a thousand Earths or earthlike civilized technologically advanced planets. Now multiply our planetary internet or WWW by 1000. Are you picturing PCs exploding all over the world? If so then you are getting what I am saying.

Think of the sheer volume of information that is going to be converging on our own earth-based information systems in the near future after disclosure. Picture one of these disaster movies like 2012 where the floods wipe us out. That is a taste of the data invasion we face. The fact is few have been thinking about this part of it, about the after effects of the massive opening to the galactic community and all its info and history and technology. This information explosion will have to be contained, controlled. If you think your computer crashes now, just wait till the data increases exponentially!

We are actually going to need ET technology to handle ET technology. This is a massive undertaking; probably the biggest project in the history of Earth, so there really aren’t words to convey this accurately. Of course those of us who want disclosure say, “bring it on.” But do we really mean this? Maybe we mean, “Get it started.”

Even with 60 years of alien conditioning, our technological growth and the ongoing maturation of our human spirituality and social awareness, we still are not ready for such a mind-blowing, paradigm-exploding event. The only way we can be ready for this galactic flood of data is for the ETs themselves to help us to handle all this.

This is why I say ET Disclosure will take thousands of years to really happen, there’s just way too much to integrate in the timeframe of one human life. We can make a start, and that is what I think we are about to experience, a beginning. If you believe we will go from the beginning of first contact to full-fledged galactic citizenship in a few years, you are dreaming. We do not currently possess the computing power or mind power to do this in such a short timeframe, and this is why I say we are going to need loads of help and it’s going to take a long time.

It will be a nice beginning to hear our governments finally tell us the truth about Aliens, and maybe get a look at the first ones to contact us. It will be a “Giant Step for Mankind” to admit and show the population of the planet that we are not alone, have never been alone, will never ever be alone and there are lots of religious and philosophical ramifications that we will need to sort out. Example: Were we created (genetically engineered) by advance ET species? The true history of Earth? Who are our real spiritual guardians? What is an Angel? Have we been protected? Are we even now being guided? Etc

Now there’s a good general area to start with!

There’s going to be a lot of resistance to such expansive and galactic scientific ideas, so plan on it.

You get the picture now I think.

This is BIG, it is so big in fact that we cannot understand the true bigness of it yet, and may not be able to take in the real scope of it for generations to come.

Last night in meditation I found myself hundreds of years in the future looking back on this time as the time of the Great Enlightenment, the time in history when EVERYTHING changed!

So yes, bring on ET Disclosure, let’s get started, there is a lot to do~

I am looking for an official disclosure event after the midterm elections, not sure which government will start the real truth-telling but it’s coming at some point in the not so distant future, I guarantee that to you guys

Lord Pakal Ahau says, “We will ascend together.”

May all the Great Ones guide and protect us in whas to come, we’re going to need it!