The UFO Crash in Iraq- Saddam’s Secret Treasure

UFO crashes in Iraq

St George and Saddam’s Secret Treasure

A little lesson is mythology. The story of St. George and the Dragon is our Grassy Knoll conspiracy this week. In modern daytime, we can call this story President George and the Saddam. Of course, President Bush is St. George and Saddam Hueissen is the dragon. To familiarize ourselves about the story, the fire-breathing dragon was a cunning beast that possessed the gift of flight and the ability to project immense fire from its mouth. More often than not, the dragon was depicted as guarding a priceless treasure in an isolated area. The dragon ruthlessly guards the treasure from all seekers and will defend its treasure to its last breath.  It doesn’t actually know or how to use the treasure but simply guards it waiting for the next hero to attempt. The myth goes that one day St. George rescues a princess held captive by a dragon and in doing so, slays the dragon in a desperate vicious battle.  

So, how does all this refer to a UFO downed in Iraq? Don’t worry; the Grassy Knoll is getting to that part. Jump to modern time. Right now Bush, (St. George) and Saddam, (Dragon) are locked in a key deadly showdown on weapons reductions and the threat of war looms in the air. Bush knows Saddam will not surrender his treasure, the so-called 93-mile plus missiles and chemical warfare plants without a fight. In fact, Saddam will fight till his last breath defending his treasure. One does not have to be an FBI profiler to predict the outcome of this scenario. All one has to do is look back at mythology and the dragon story. St. George will rescue the fair young maiden and rid the world of the evil dragon once and for all. And they lived happily ever after.

End of story right? Not on the Grassy Knoll its not. The Grassy Knoll has uncovered evidence that a UFO crash landed hundreds of years ago in the desert, which is now Iraq. Saddam has recovered the wreckage and his team of scientists has been studying the ship and its technology but to no avail. The United States government knows this and wants to lay claim to the alien technology much like they have done since 1947 when an alien craft crash-landed in Roswell, New Mexico. Since then, clandestine government organizations have been reverse engineering alien technology unlocking more and more secrets that the alien craft had long held secret. The United States government is hoping that by studying the Iraqi craft they can better understand the damaged portions of their own craft and by piecing together both crafts, build an actual working model and possibly pilot a new prototype plane or space exploration vehicle. Not to mention the weapons capacity that are surely on board both crafts.  Let us not forget the inventions harvested so far from the Roswell crash in 1947. Fiber optics, the ability to transmit billions of bits of information in nanoseconds over thousands of miles. Fiber optic cables are hundreds of times more efficient than standard copper cable, many times thinner, and deliver a superior quality picture and sound when decoded.  Stealth technology now make our jet fighters invisible to radar so they can safely hone in our their target and strike and return safely to base without the enemy knowing where the planes were. Another major by product from the Roswell crash is the microprocessor. Once computers were as big as office rooms, needing massive amounts of power for computing. Along came the microprocessor and computers have shrank in size to an almost unbelievable small size and while they shrank in appearance, the power of the computer had increased several thousand percent and is ever increasing in leaps and bounds each and every year.

1948 began the cold war between the United States and the Soviet Union. Just two years before, they were allies winning World War Two bring peace to the planet. The question to be asked here is why so sudden that both governments became unfriendly? Was it because the Soviets knew of the Roswell crash? Did they also track via radar this vehicle streaking across the sky at a speed faster than any American or Russian plane? Were the Russians asking the tough questions that the Americans did not want to answer? This brings us to the brink of war once again. Will George the Dragon Slayer Bush invade Iraq, find and destroy the war components that Iraq has, and bring peace to the Middle East that hasn’t been seen for many years. Or, will the Dragon Saddam keep his treasure cleverly hidden in hopes of some day acquiring the knowledge to reverse engineer his own alien crashed vehicle and unlock his own technological inventions.

one only need look at history to see the outcome of this scenario
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