The UFO Video You’re Not Supposed to See

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A mystery after one of the most incredible UFO videos of 2010 taken just before Christmas day is taken down shortly after going up.  But no one can seem to answer the most pressing question – why?  The video shows several lights floating through the sky independently as if each were being propelled by their own engines.  The lights do not seem to block out any stars between them, yet match up with triangular formations several times during the course of the video.  And now it seems the videos are being taken down.  Get a chance to see this one before it vanishes for good this time.

Since the news of the video disappearance first started making the rounds on the Internet, several UFO news sites have been committed to showing the footage in its uncut and unedited version.  In the video you can clearly see the witness is intrigued but perplexed by what he sees.  And then shortly after he starts rolling, the multitude of lights slowly coasting over the landscape is followed by not one or two, but an armada of similar lights.  The witness uses the moon, a school, and the trees in the landscape to get a clear picture of what’s going on.  By all accounts this footage is some of the most genuinely intriguing we’ve seen.  But the footage also has been causing a stir among skeptics as well who suggest the objects depicted were out of control party lanterns.

Normally this would seem to be a good explanation, but there are a few things that seem to suggest something a bit more incredible is being seen here.  Though the objects don’t make any maneuvers that would suggest superior flight capabilities aside from their diminutive size, they do seem to move in a loose formation including several different groups that assume the same altitude and a triangular shape.  At least that’s exactly what it looks like from the witness’ perspective.

Perhaps the most damning element is something UFOlogists and UFO enthusiasts have long claimed as a massive problem for the phenomenon and the field itself.  The most interesting and convincing UFO footage often simply disappears without a trace leaving behind a plethora of unconvincing hoaxes and easily identifiable natural phenomena.  The footage that seems to suggest something genuinely out of the ordinary is the footage that simply disappears never to be seen again.  But for as long as it is online, we will do what we can to get it to you so you can ask yourself the tough questions and try to shed some light on this all encompassing and sometimes disturbing phenomenon for yourself.

Just what are these objects?  Why do they appear to move in formation?  How could Chinese lanterns survive such an extended journey through the winter skies?  And can Chinese lanterns really move this fast?  While we don’t claim to have the answers, we certainly have no shortage of questions after viewing this incredible footage.  Perhaps most important is the question, just who is taking this footage off the Internet and why?