The Vatican and NASA Alien Link

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On May 13th 2008, the Vatican came forward to make an announcement that
“It Is OK To Believe In Aliens.”  Twelve days later, NASA lands
the Mars Phoenix Lander which is designed to search for life on the Martian
surface. Are these two incidents linked?

Here is a link to AP’s article on the Vatican and Aliens

For years, claims have spread that NASA already knows that there is life
outside the Earth, and NASA have known about life on Mars for decades. So far,
NASA has broken the news slowly and steadily. First it was declared that Mars
has an atmosphere and Oxygen. Then came the possibility of water. Next the
announcement that there definitely was water. More recently, NASA announced that
silica deposits may be from microbial life, and now we land a robotic laboratory
to search for life on the red planet.

If NASA is indeed releasing this information slowly, the obvious next step is
to break the big news that microbial life does or did exist. If this were to
happen (which it probably will), there is fear that religious uprisings and
hysteria will set in throughout the world. This reasoning is actually considered
one of the major reasons why NASA and other governmental agencies have been
hiding the possible fact that life does exist on other planets.

It is quite interesting that the Vatican makes an announcement that life on
other planets is OK. It almost seems as if the Vatican has been debriefed and
already knows the outcome. The main question on our minds is: “Is The
Vatican Trying To Prepare Us For The Truth?”