Thousands Witness UFO Over Salta

It would appear the current place for UFO enthusiasts to head would be Salta, in northwestern Argentina.  It is the location of several UFO encounters including one that left witnesses stunned in amazement.  At two O’clock in the morning the sweltering heat was practically unbearable for the town despite the season and the elevation of the community.  Unable to sleep, several found themselves outside enjoying one last cool drink or an ice cream cone before retiring to their homes.  Bored conversation at one table ended abruptly as a massive shadow draped over the city accompanied by flashing lights.  As the witnesses looked up a glass shattered to the floor at the sight of the massive behemoth stretching end to end across the sky.

It was somewhere between two hundred and three hundred meters in length, and soundless as it parted the heavens above shocked witnesses.  Jaws dropped and loved ones embraced as the dramatic vehicle slowly wafted over them.  Then, almost as quickly as it appeared it drifted into the night.  Later, at El Tunal power station one worker looked up from his clipboard out the window as the craft hovered directly above the plant.  At that instant the power generator burned out just as the craft hovered above the station.  Those who had first seen the craft, still speechless from their experience as well as the entire countryside 200 kilometers in every direction immediately were plunged into darkness.

The director of Radio UNO Daniel Barboza said on the event, “At first, we explored the reasons for the power outage, which is unusual in this locality, and rarely happens. if it happens, the power company provides advance notice for residents to take measures. Until today at noon, the local branch of the company had no explanation whatsoever. It is necessary to add to this the interruption of other services: water, phone, etcetera.”  When asked about the mysterious craft spotted in the area, Barboza said, “According to witnesses, the interruption could be due to the action of an electromagnetic field emanating from the craft, and which affected the station. But these are only conjecture.”

The incident was accompanied by the interruption of several things in addition to electricity.  Telephone service, which often has its own power source and runs separate from electrical lines, were interrupted for about the same amount of time (nine hours) as the electricity.  Also disrupted temporarily was the water supply.  Some speculate that an electromagnetic pulse could have done this.

Later, the town would be inundated yet again as dozens of white lights would appear in the sky above the city and be videotaped by hundreds of independent witnesses and broadcast on local news stations.  To date it’s unknown if this follow up was related to the UFO phenomenon, or if it was a weather-balloon related hoax intended to shift blame from a possible experimental aircraft and EMP weapon being tested.  Could this have been an alien race testing our defenses?  Or was it merely an accident?  If a government agent attempting to cover up a top secret craft designed to dispatch EMP pulses over enemy territory, this is exactly how I would suggest testing it, during a string of UFO sightings in a rural community in the mountains.  Those who believe will think it’s aliens, those who don’t will merely discount it as mass hysteria.  Or perhaps it is an alien vessel testing our power grid.