Time Travel and Alien Proof

Two concepts that seem to line up perfectly with one another in terms of strangeness and sensationalism are unidentified flying objects and time travel.  While there has been a great deal of speculation that time travel and UFOs may go hand in hand, there has been little application of the two to explain the success behind an alien cover-up.  And so we come to an interesting theory behind extraterrestrial travel that goes beyond space and right into time itself.

Consider the following scenario.  An image is taken, or a video filmed that ultimately allows proof of alien existence to be finally considered by the mainstream media.  The ensuing chaos and interest generated by the event as well as the social changes could be charted with patience by an alien race capable of time travel and then either send back a single ship or the entire fleet of creatures back into the past in order to ensure the picture is either never taken or does not fall into the “wrong” hands.  Of course this would ensure maximum control by any potential visiting extraterrestrial force and would by no means be limited solely to photographic or video evidence.  Even an idea or a gradual social acclimation toward disclosure could be combated simply by going back in time and altering a few things.

There would of course be several disadvantages to time travel.  First, any force that needed to go back in time would have to take into consideration the potential for anomalies taking place and would have to deal with the potential side effects of traveling back in time.  If there were a political structure within the alien race, it would be most likely that time travel would only be possible if all members went back together, thus removing the possibility of any anomalies.  Second, if they did go back in time even all together they would have to halt any ongoing experiments or observations.  The results would make it possible, albeit a bit annoying, for each traveler to head back.  As a result, this method would most likely be used only as a last resort.  Other methods, such as the deployment of special counterintelligence agents (or MIBs) would have to suffice for ordinary day to day cover-ups.  It would also ensure that the aliens would be unlikely to travel back in time very far.

Now the explanation that aliens cannot be proven because they’ll simply go back in time to remove any damning evidence obviously sounds like a deus ex machina plot device in a science fiction film.  But explanations into the strange and unusual will often take us in unconventional explanations.  And while I can’t find any proof or evidence to suggest this method of covering up evidence is taking place, I also won’t suggest it’s because someone went back and removed it all.  It’s almost too perfect an explanation, however, to completely dismiss.  Of course if this article is too spot on, I apologize in advance for the disruption in our current time-line.