Today’s Global UFO Sighting Predicted by Ex NORAD

A report coming out from New York has coincided with those pouring in from all over the world suggesting something major has been happening since this morning and continues throughout the day.  When you hear a prediction that the lights in the sky you will be witnessing all over the world are aliens, it’s certainly a hard sell for many people.  But with the disturbing accuracy of what is possibly the largest global UFO sighting in history, and it has been predicted, it’s hard to deny that something is going on.

We first brought you the report of this claim made by Stanley A Fulham on September 17 of this year with the same appropriate skepticism that would be warranted in the situation.  And yet we listened, because he was another retired military official.  He was a credible and trusted witness who had been involved with the North American Aerospace Defense Command, so his word was taken with more weight than the average prognosticator.  The New York sighting received major US coverage, but this was only a minor point in comparison to the hundreds of other reports that poured in from all over the world.  And it didn’t simply end there.

Twitter has been ablaze with posts about various UFO sightings, and visiting New York’s live Time Square webcam you could see crowds of people standing transfixed amid shocked murmurs.

The idea of an ex-NORAD official turning his back on his previous work and then coming out and saying a major UFO event the likes of which we haven’t seen since the battle of Los Angeles is about to happen this month in just a few weeks is difficult enough, but when it is followed by a massive UFO sighting in several global major cities resulting in some of the most incredible UFO footage ever seen, it’s nothing short of extraordinary.  And wasn’t it the famed skeptic Carl Sagan who said, “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence?”  Some of the best footage we’ve ever seen has been posted today, and is still being scrutinized.

And the strangest unbelievable reports are still pouring in.  Perusing through the various claims pouring in suggest a number of things.  Of course these reports span from simple comments on youtube to articles from international newspapers and sites, so there is a great amount of material to cover in a short period of time.

Oddly enough, the red, white and blue objects seen recently have been seen most commonly around the world.  We will post updates on the mundane sightings and the most incredible claims made during this time as the story unfolds.

So now that his prediction appears to have come true, we will certainly be taking a closer look at Mr. Fulham himself to see not only what he has to say, but who he is.  And if the other predictions he has made are as credible as this first, we may need to take a long hard look at who (or what) made the claim in the first place.