Torch Wielding Cameraman Films Alien

A new video from Youtube has been creating a stir as one witness with a torch chases down an alien hiding behind a tree.  Whether this footage is genuine or not is something definitely well in the air still, but upon initial viewing it seems definitely interesting.  Viewers on the film have noted it not only seems interesting for the urgent nature of the cameraman and other witnesses in the video, but it doesn’t seem like a staged event to them.  Skeptics say they smell a hoax.

The footage begins with what appears to be a man holding a brilliantly lit torch talking to several other witnesses nearby.  As they approach it seems like one of them has constructed an improvised torch.  From the looks of the camera itself it may be easy to understand why this is necessary.  The camera can barely penetrate the darkness, instead washing out as soon as the torch passes in front of it.  As they look in the darkness beyond the tree it’s clear the camera they’re using isn’t going to be able to pierce the shadows stretching into the distance.

But then as they approach the tree something strange can be seen lingering behind the torch’s flickering light.  The creature has two hands that can distinctly be seen unraveling against the black background and a round head with two large black eyes.  Though the eyes themselves are very black, it’s hard to tell the actual size of the creature itself aside from it being very small.  And the individuals filming the incident are quickly overtaken with excitement as they toss the torch near it in an attempt to illuminate it.

Then it turns strange.  As they pick up the torch and drop it behind the tree, the camera begins moving very rapidly and it’s clear something is going on and it cuts short.  Why would you stop filming if you were so close to actually gathering documented proof of an extraterrestrial?  It’s a problem that’s followed UFO evidence since the time it first started appearing on film.  Why do witnesses turn off the camera?

And there’s also the matter of anonymity.  It’s difficult to track where exactly this film came from.  If there’s no source, it’s possible the witnesses are hiding behind anonymity to cover up an inevitable hoax.  Of course there’s also the possibility the film was cut short for time constraints as nothing else interesting appears on film.  And there’s also the public perception of UFO and alien witnesses these individuals may be hoping to avoid.  If there was an alien present in their film, could they be trying to avoid a major change in their own lives by anonymously uploading the video to the video sharing site Youtube or by submitting it to a group like the UFO disclosure group?

Several skeptics of this video have declared openly that it appears to be a number of things including masterful puppetry, a CGI illusion, and a small animal that only looks supernatural because it is shrouded in darkness.  The truth is, it’s hard to actually tell from the few frames it appears.