Transparent Dover Demonic Creature Grabs Witness

Spotting one UFO in the distance is surely enough to leave some people wondering how their opinion of the world will change.  But when one witness spotted hundreds of UFOs working in conjunction and surrounding their vehicle, the effect was nothing short of incredible.  And as the witness came home and attempted to explain the experience to his wife it took him several minutes to realize just how profoundly the experience had affected him.

It all started Sunday March 6th, when the witness was drivind home from working the late shift as a security guard.  As he drove along he couldn’t help but notice in the distance there was a swarm of strange sparkling lights shimmering in the night sky.  As he continued to drive along the objects suddenly shot down and began surrounding his vehicle, spinning around violently.  The witness noted that the objects looked like glowing softballs.  As they continued spiraling around at a distance rarely closer than 20 feet, the witness lost track of time though he was sure the entire incident lasted only a few seconds.  In an attempt to get away from the spiral of mystery lights the witness, who was alone on the road at the time, began pushing down on the accelerator but noted that his vehicle was actually slowing down rapidly.  After the car slowed to 40 miles per hour, he found himself losing the power in his vehicle.  Desperately attempting to get some speed out of the vehicle, he pressed down on the accelerator once again and that’s when the objects suddenly vanished.

But the events that night wouldn’t end there.  As he drove further along that night after the first experience he felt like he had encountered something interesting but not all that horrifying.  But when he came up toward his home he spotted a mysterious shape that leapt onto the side of his car and reached through the windshield, touching him on the back of his head and back.  While the witness doesn’t include his reaction to this in his report to the Mutual UFO Network he does describe a sensation like a tingling feeling.  He also says he spotted another creature at the side of the road with a face “like a horrible beast” staring back at him.  As he passed this creature, the mysterious figure on the side of his car gradually faded and finally disappeared.  He described this figure as having a large head and impossibly thin and frail arms and legs, which were unusually long for its body.  Somehow this translucent creature was able to pass through solid matter despite being attached to his car somehow prior to disappearing.

In addition to being an extraordinary account, this witness’ story was unique among even alien encounters.  That the two incidents were related seems a fairly tempting prospect, but the two incidents did not occur in the same area, only to the same person.  But just what these creatures were is a matter that will have to remain unexplainable to the rest of us.