Travis Waltons “Fire In The Sky” Abductee Story


Finally it’s here. Travis Waltons own book of his abduction-experíance on November 5th 1975. The book is titled Fire In The Sky: The Travis Walton Experiance.
Alongside Whitley Strieber, Travis Waltons is surely the most famous “abductee” to this date.

The book is Travis Waltons own response to the Hollywood-movie Fire In The Sky, which captured the story but, according to Walton, had several scenes that wasn’t rooted in “reality”.

Walton was with his 6 co-workers in a lumberjack-team in Sitgraves National Park, Snowflake, Nevada. They were on their way home late in the eavning when they saw a red light, like from a forrest-fire, between the trees. At a closer look they realized that it was a flying saucer and Travis jumped out of the car to take a closer look, as his buddies loudly protested against his idea. A beam of light shot out of the UFO and knocked Travis to the ground. His buddies leaves the scenen terrified and leaves Travis on the ground. As they finally returns they discover that Travis is gone and they can see the UFO in the sky as it leaves.

The population of the little town of Snowflake accuses the other 6 to have murdered Travis and buried him in the woods. A searchteam is arranged but without result. The 6 members of the working-team went under a Polygraph (liedetector-test) to clear their names but the result came out “smudged”…
The population of the town is parted in half regarding UFO:s and the murder-accusations.

 All this was presented in the movie. What was the it that was wrong about Fire In the Sky then?
According to Walton – almost everything that happened on the craft…
In the 5th issue (1996) of Encouters Walton says that he didn’t get a clear picture until he underwent regressive hypnosis. He say that – as he came to he thought he was at a hospital. But when he saw the creatures that stood around him he “freaked” and grabbed a tube-like object and started hittinh around him and the creatures backed out through a side-door. Walton then runs through another door where he finds a sterile room with lots of doors on the sides and a chair in the middle, like a drivers seat, and symbols on the wall. He then touched the controls (ion some way) and stars moved in patterns around him in the room. Then a a long creature appears with a helmet and takes Walton out of the craft into a much larger place (mothership?) with varoius different discs lined up. The long creature was a so called “Nordic”. The creature put a mask on Waltons face and the next thing he knew was that he was lying on the road as he could see the craft dissapear above him, whereafter he breaks into a empty house where he calls his family. Travis Walton was missing in five whole days. He himself was convinced that it wasn’t more than one night.

 After this he underwent psychiatric and fysical examination by doctors, as well as hypnosis. Later he took a polygraph-test which came out “clean”, which means that, according to the machine, he’s not lying. He had lost 5 kilos in weight and was dried out, but according to medical tests – he wasn’t emaciated.

Enough about that. I want to take up a, according to me, more and more frequent problem among reports and investigations that is done by “commercial” associations. The American association MUFON thought it was time (back in 1992) to once again shed some light over the Walton-case and hired Rex and Carol Salisbury, two investigators that was awarded at 1990 MUFON-conference. As the Salisbury-couple released their conclusion of the investigation (100-page thick report) it didn’t “fall in line” with MUFON – it was to negative to Waltons story… Then MUFON quickly hired another investigator (Art Hufford) who left a report to Waltons advantage… Hhmmm?!? The book is published by Marlow & Company, USA.

Story Credit WUFOC, the free UFO-alternative on the Internet, http://www.wufoc.com