Trees Emit Eerie Light, Reminiscent of Other Cases

A recent report submitted to news program Puente 2001 and translated by the Journal of Hispanic UFOlogy, Inexplicata, had a feel and themes reminiscent of another case where beams of light were seen shooting up from trees in March of this year.  The case, which was originally submitted from witnesses on the 17th of November of this year, suggests that whatever was going on in the distant El Durazno wilderness in Argentina was not of this world.

The first two witnesses reported sitting down for dinner on the hood of their car when suddenly they noticed in the distance a beam of light shooting up from a tree.  Intrigued, the witnesses approached the location of the strange sighting and decided there might be something more to it.  After only a few moments of travel, however, they soon witnessed another beam of light shooting up from another tree in the distance.  After their sighting, both witnesses began to feel a sense of terror and began backing away.  Shortly after that, two musical notes began humming from the trees and filling the wilderness air.  Still not knowing precisely what they were witnessing, the men had little time to react.  After 40 seconds of standing frozen to the spot in terror, the lights reportedly moved, forming a concise triangle with a third object reportedly seen in the sky.  As the witnesses watched, the two beams shot up into this third brightly lit object and then simply vanished after a moment.

The two witnesses’ account seems eerily similar to another story reported to the Mutual UFO Network in March of this year.  The witness reportedly was reading when they suddenly caught sight of a strange spotlight in their yard with a strange brown and black reptilian figure.  The creature was reportedly larger than the typical shorter “Grey” type aliens and had three long clawed fingers on each hand.  While this story was merely one witness’ report, the incident certainly links the concept of extraterrestrials to seeing unidentified beams of light.  And there are myriad more reports where creatures appear with an unidentified glowing light emanating either from the ground or from the air.

Another possibility that seems worth noting is that a beam of light coming from the ground could have originated with a light emanating from an entrance in the ground.  Such a light could have in theory been the entrance light of a brightly lit facility whose secret doors suddenly opened.  Of course this is entirely conjecture, and still doesn’t explain how the lights shot up and into the third object.  Nor does it explain quite how the two beams of light could have converged and focused on the third object in the sky.  In fact, the very nature of this report seems to rebel against any kind of explanation.  Even in the instance of a UFO presence, we would still have to speculate on just what precisely it was accomplishing and how these beams of light were coming from the trees.  This is one mystery that it seems will remain unexplainable for quite some time.