Triangular Craft Buzzes Kansas Witness

It was getting late in the evening when one Overland Kansas resident asked his wife if she would like a chance to go driving with him to get out of the house for a while.  And as they hopped in their car to take the short drive down through Raytown they never suspected that the events about to unfold that night would not only render them entirely speechless, but would challenge the very notion of their position in the cosmic multitude we call the universe.

Seeing that they were low on gas, the husband pulled in to a dusty gas station at the side of the road and began pumping fuel into their car.  Casually, he looked into the sky to see a brightly illuminated object hovering in the distance that he thought at first was a star.  So brilliant was it, however, that he soon told his wife to take a look at it as it hung low in the sky just above the horizon.  When he suggested they drive over to investigate the object, she agreed and they began traveling in a Southerly direction to investigate.

Soon they would realize that the object had not been a star at all, but rather a strange massive craft of some sort.  It dimmed its light and began approaching their position in the car.  The two witnesses marveled at how it could have spotted them and somehow known that they were attempting to intercept it.  The spotlight beam was now off and it coasted through the air over the car blocking out the sky as it passed over soundlessly.  In the dim moonlight they could clearly see that the object was massive and triangular in shape.  As it began travelling North toward the nearby town they both hopped back in the car and began speeding down the highway in an attempt to follow it.  The craft was far too fast and they were unable to catch up to it in time before it disappeared.  The witness relates that the object was easily four times the size of a B-2 bomber (with a wing span of approximately 150 feet) making the object close to 600 feet from wing tip to wing tip.

The witness ended his report to MUFON by declaring that whatever was happening, they had a feeling it would be soon announced.  A nagging sense of fear and wonder followed the witness’ words as they suggested that a great revelation was about to take place involving these visitors.  In sharing their personal opinion of alien visitations, they suggest they are under the impression that there are multiple races of creatures visiting the planet, but remaining hidden for reasons not easily understood by humans.

It must be incredible to witness a massive craft such as the one the witness saw floating overhead with a wingspan of somewhere around 600 feet drifting without a single sound coming from it.  The intense mastery of technology and the incredibly distant and majestic feeling one gets from an object such as this must have surely found competition with another sense – fear of the unknown.  It is this fear that has a powerful grip on most of us on this planet, and it is one we must deal with if widespread alien contact were to become a reality.