Triangular Craft Filmed Over Colorado Town

A UFO appearing over a Colorado town has caused a series of inquiries as to what the peculiar object could be.  With an increase in the number of UFO reports coming from round the world of triangular shaped craft, the incident is turning to be a miniature Phoenix Lights Incident with fewer witnesses and a far smaller craft.  Nonetheless, the incident is shaping the minds of several people who now say they are not quite as skeptical as they once were.  But what was it?

The object appeared over Denver Colorado, at an altitude of an estimated 3,000 feet according to the witness and then drifted southward before disappearing into the distance.  As the witnesses viewed the object, it remained visible to them on the ground for approximately 15-20 minutes according to the message posted to the witness’ youtube page.  While they were unable to intuit the direction it was heading as they were in a location they were unfamiliar with, the object had originally appeared from the Southwest.

Objects such as these have been appearing more often around the world.  Earlier this month a shocking video came out from Columbia depicting a triad of lights hovering in place and then suddenly breaking off and streaking across the sky.  The video was one of the most dramatic seen at the time we posted that story.  But with more objects appearing all over the world and even hovering above witnesses directly while cameras roll, it seems the incredible world of UFOlogy may quickly be seeing a major breakthrough.  The objects don’t appear to care that they remain secret any longer.  Reports have come in that they are even appearing in full daylight near populated cities and remaining there while witnesses videotape them.

It was always a strange phenomenon when the objects would suddenly disappear or drift away when the simplest of cameras was raised to view them.  And the photographs themselves always appeared blurry and incomplete, suggesting there was some sort of field that made detailed photography impossible.  And yet somehow, now the objects are appearing without any of these unexplainable precautions.  Are we at the cusp of a great revelation in UFOlogy?

There have been claims such as this before, so many experts are cautious when stating we may be at the verge of a disclosure or increase in activity.  It seems very human to suggest we may be looking at future direct and official communications with extraterrestrials, but humanity has been wrong before.  In the end, we can only wait and see if this is where we will finally stop using the term UFO and be given proper names for their various type of craft and integrate them into our culture for the first time out in the open.  What exciting changes would this bring to our own planet?  And what challenges?