Triangular Craft Stalks Midwest

Witnesses reporting to the Mutual UFO Network’s reporting center have sent several detailed accounts in the past two days of a specific triangular craft that has been spotted in three different states in the past week.  The witnesses all describe the craft the same way and note peculiar features about it with uncanny similarities.  Are they all seeing the same unknown yet natural phenomena?  Or is there something strange visiting the midwest?

In Tulsa, Oklahoma, a college student upon taking a walk out in the campus woods chanced to look up and saw what he thought at first was a flock of birds up in the sky.  But the object he saw was nothing like a flock of birds.  Instead, it seemed more like a manmade or somehow crafted vehicle complete with three lights – one on each corner.  As the witness observed the craft, it was soon apparent that something strange was going on.  It moved slowly, and with what appeared to be  intelligent control.  As the witness watched he realized that whatever he was witnessing was nothing like any craft he had ever seen before.  It would ultimately lead him to conclude that it was an unidentified flying object.  But other witnesses soon followed to describe the object.

The second witness was also outside when his encounter happened, and thought the mysterious craft to be of avian origin at first.  But as he looked deeper at the strange craft he could see that whatever he was looking at was most definitely not a flock of birds.  The object passed overhead and eventually shot into the distance, but not before buzzing by McConnell Airforce Base mere miles away.

A third witness from Heber Springs, Arkansas would be called out the following night by her dogs barking in their kennel and went outside to investigate.  She then looked up and saw the same craft the others had described in detail.  It was hovering above her a short distance away.

Each encounter ended with the witness having a changed opinion on the nature of the paranormal and feeling as though they were rare witness to something incredible to something that had just transpired.

So what is going on?  What is this mysterious black triangular that appears out of nowhere?  Is it the next stage of an unknown research venture on a politically sensitive military aircraft that must remain forever secret?  Could it be a new type of stealth bomber capable of hovering in place and lowering itself soundlessly before zipping away at speeds far in excess of anything we currently know?  Or is it something else entirely?

The mysterious black craft is perhaps most famous for its appearance over Phoenix Arizona in what would later come to be known as the Phoenix Lights incident.  Similar craft would be seen in Belleville, Illinois in 2001 and even be tracked across three county lines by police.  And while each witness is unsure of the object they had witnessed, each was left with a feeling that they had encountered something entirely unexplainable.