Triangular UFO Described by ‘Grateful’ Witnesses over Washington State

The skyline above Auburn WashingtonOn August 24th, 2009 at approximately 1:39 AM, four witnesses spotted a UFO hovering in the southwestern sky in Auburn, Washington.  The craft was described to change shape as time progressed, and was at first taken for a previously unknown star constellation.  However, as the formation soon changed from resembling a ladle to a square and then a triangle, the witnesses realized what they were seeing was no ordinary force of nature, but rather almost certainly of intelligent origin.  The device later went on to change formation into a ’rounded heart’ and a zig-zag before returning to a triangular shape.  “At first we thought the lights were shifting into the repeating shapes,” witnesses later reported to NUFORC (National UFO Reporting Center), “but as we watched over 2 hours, we realized it was a saucer shaped object with the lights along the edge and the ship was rotating, causing the light pattern to shift.”

The formation of lights drifted East, then snapped around and floated to the West, hovering at around 65 degrees.  It struck the witnesses as seeming extremely large.  As they watched the device they also noted a satellite moving across the sky from southwest to northeast.  Taking into account the size of the lights on the satellite, and then the size of the lights on the object they were watching track across the sky in a much more intelligent manner, they deduced that the lights indicated that the object being viewed was around the same distance as the satellite, but considerably larger.  They do, however, note that this method of judging distance and size wasn’t 100 percent accurate.  “It could have been smaller,” one witness who remains anonymous said, “and closer… It was impossible to tell.”

Witnesses also reported seeing several shooting stars, and an object which behaved as a shooting star, but exhibited unusual flight patterns for an uncontrolled object with no other force being exerted on it than gravity.  Witnesses said it “shot slower” than the other shooting stars that night and, “did not fade as it curved from the area of the object and went east.”  Perhaps the object interacted in some way with this particular shooting star, or perhaps it wasn’t a shooting star at all, but some device specially made to serve the purposes of this strange object.

Despite the fascinating light display in the sky, witnesses found it difficult at times to remain calm, but eventually over the course of the two hours the object floated through their skies found themselves projecting a sense of gratitude for being able to see this display.  “We all sent mental messages of thanks, for what it may have been worth, and we all felt excited and nearly euphoric.  We all agreed that what we were seeing was beautiful.”

Though the witnesses did take several pictures of the display, the images did not turn up much more than a grainy collection of three lights, and therefore they did not provide these photos to the public.  They did say, however, that they would be willing to do so if requested.  Needless to say, however, these witnesses are no doubt going to feel a sense of wonder in remembrance of their experience when they look to the stars from now on.