UFO Alien Crash in Arizona

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Though considered a hoax by some, there is an interesting account of a UFO crash that comes to us from Arizona. The facts are certainly worth a look. Famed researcher Raymond Fowler first broke the details of this event of May 20, 1953. Fowler relied heavily on one “Fritz Werner,” probably an alias. Werner’s story goes something like this; He was working for a company who had a government contract at a nuclear site in Nevada. He was summoned by his boss on 5-21-53, and sent on a “secret” assignment. After being flown to Phoenix, Arizona, he was placed on a bus with blacked out windows, and taken to a point northwest of the city of Phoenix proper.

The bus was full of passengers, none of whom Werner knew, and would not know, as they were told not to communicate with each other. Arriving at their secret desert destination, Werner was amazed to see a disc-shaped craft embedded into the sand. Werner estimated it’s diameter to be about 30 feet. Military personnel surrounded the aluminum-like craft, which was brought down by either an internal explosion, or was hit by military rockets, Werner surmised. The wound was easily seen, a gaping hole in it’s side.

Werner’s duty was to calculate the speed of the craft, a task he quickly discharged.  Afterward, the tense atmosphere of the group of investigators began to loosen some, and Werner began to get details from some of the other personnel assigned to this “off the record” mission. Werner was told of a small cabin inside the craft, and very small chairs. Werner did not get to look into the unknown craft himself. He was taken aback, however, when he peeked into a nearby medical tent. Inside was the small body of a “creature,” about 4 foot tall. Werner asserts that the alien was wearing a type of skull cap, and a silver suit. The suit seemed to be seamless. Soon the investigation was called to a halt, and the members summoned to leave the craft.

Back on the bus, all of the members of the assignment were ordered to sign the “official secrets” act, and were warned not to discuss what they had seen with anyone. Before bringing the fabulous story to other UFO groups, Fowler did a thorough background check on Werner, and was satisfied to his authenticity, and personal integrity. Fowler also was persuaded beyond doubt as to the ability of Werner to do his job, as he came forward with great knowledge of his field and occupation. There was additional confirmation to the validity of the Arizona crash. Personnel at Wright Patterson AFB claimed to have been witness to the delivery from a “crash site” in Arizona. These witnesses claimed to have seen “three small bodies packed in dry ice.” The beings were reported as being about 4 foot tall, with large heads, and brownish skin color.

The time of the delivery perfectly coincided with the events put forth by Werner. Unfortunately, the military personnel could not make their names public. Fowler asserts that several other witnesses have come forward in the years following the incident, but the lack of other facts, and other testimony leave the case lacking somewhat. Probably too much time has elapsed since the Arizona event, but possibly one day someone will come forward to give us more evidence on this alleged UFO crash.

This Story Was Taken With Permission From http://bjbooth.topcities.com/Arizona.html