UFO Almost Smashes Witness’ House

A witness from Philadelphia was left holding his breath after a close encounter got a little too close for comfort and a mysterious object almost smashed into his house.  The event reported to the Mutual UFO Network was witnessed by not only the reporting witness, but also his neighbor.  The two of them were left, by the time the event was over, standing in the yard wondering what had just transpired.

The object was a brilliant ball of light that descended on them and shined every color of the rainbow.  As they watched, the object spun and twisted in the sky and zoomed down low.  The witness, who had been inside when he first noticed the event at around 4:00 New York time, quickly ran out onto the icy lawn after first seeing the brilliant ball of light.  As he watched, the brilliant light looked like it was emitting fire of every color of the rainbow with an unearthly glow to it.  His neighbor ran out and stood standing in the yard near him as they prepared to flee as the object quickly descended on them and looked as though it was going to hit his house.  But then at the last moment the object, which the two of them had been entirely mystified already by, veered up and shot into the distance.

As they stood there transfixed by this mysterious object, they couldn’t help but feel a momentary sensation of elation as the object shot back into the distance.  After the witnesses stepped back into their own houses they were left with a sense of wonder.  A meteorite would not have been able to turn up and then soar into the distance at that speed.  Had a fiery plane crash been heading toward their home they would have heard about it (indeed we all would have) in the coming days and even weeks all over major media outlets.  And even then, it’s doubtful a plane on fire could have performed the maneuvers described by the witnesses who stood on their lawns watching this object soar in and then take off.  No weather balloon certainly shared the same rainbow colored flames and other artifacts.  The witnesses finally, after a moment’s doubt had stood there on the lawn and turned to one another.

“What do you think that was we just saw?” the neighbor asked.  Not knowing what else to say, the reporting witness simply knowingly shrugged and said,  “A UFO.”

Given there is little about this case that looks like anything conventional, it seems only a few explanations could even begin to touch the surface of this strange incident.  First, the witnesses said the object was emitting light.  In theory this could have been ball lightning, if such a phenomenon truly exists.  But then there were no electrical storms reported in the area during the time of this incident.  It could have been an unknown weather phenomenon that hasn’t been explored yet, but few weather phenomenon we could even begin to conceive could cause such a strange maneuvering and presumably intelligent flight pattern.  And then there’s always the possibility that this craft could have been some sort of unconventional aircraft from an unknown origin operating just as it was supposed to.  But then where would such a craft come from?