UFO Beams Image of Hitler to Televisions?

A frightened individual reported to MUFON (The Mutual UFO Network) reported a bizarre sighting he had witnessed in California just off route five near Hanford.  The individual, who remains anonymous, said he was watching television in his home late at night watching KOCE when suddenly the image switched from the standard programming to an image of Hitler which remained static on the screen for close to half an hour without moving.

The viewer was perplexed to say the least, but was sure there was a reasonable explanation for the whole thing.  “I thought it was frozen, so I changed the channel, and turned it back, and it was STILL THERE, with a clicking sound. The thing is, there were still news headlines moving at the bottom of the screen.”  There were no further details regarding the news ticker.  Later, at 9:00, the witness walked outside to smoke a cigarette, but when he looked up, a second strange sight would be waiting in the sky.  He looked up and noticed an object moving erratically in the sky.  The object first hovered similar to a jet airliner, coasting to the west, but then “jittered” left at great speeds, then right, up, down, left, then right, and finally vanished seemingly into thin air.  Needless to say, no known commercial airliner is capable of executing such maneuvers.

The events gave the anonymous individual cause to include in his report a case he had read about when television station KLEE of Houston had been picked up by viewers in several parts of England over three years after the station had been first kicked off the air.  Weird science buffs may have read about this one in assorted “unbelievable tales” type books as well as web-sites and emails.  The KLEE story can be traced back to an article in the Reader’s Digest, and is unfortunately not true.  British airwaves were incompatible with American televisions and vice-versa.  The entire thing was debunked as a hoax, but still makes a great story for pulp ‘paranormal’ books.

There was also another craft with a red light floating near a large radio tower.  The report goes on to describe this harrowing second sighting, “Another object I saw in the sky (on another night) was RED, and blinked slowly only twice… next to a radio tower with a red blinking light on top. Was it possibly trying to send some sort of message to the red tower light?”  The witness got the impression this second device was levitating near the radio tower in an attempt to communicate.  He also suspects this object may have been responsible for the previous image and clicking sound he witnessed.  Though he did contact the radio station KOCE, they have yet to make a formal announcement.  Interestingly, that same day another individual submitted a report to MUFON indicating that he had seen a UFO on the news that night hidden in the stock images of the day.  Though it’s a stretch to assume they are directly related, it is something to take note of given the unusual and yet highly interconnected nature of the two of them, as well as their timing.