UFO Beams Symbol Into Witness’ Eye

A report coming out from the Mutual UFO Network‘s website MUFON suggests that one witness was startled when they observed a mysterious object floating in the sky.  But when that object suddenly beamed a flash of light into their eye, the incident got even stranger.  The symbol, along with the witness’ sighting leave much to the imagination about the object’s intentions or origins, but leave plenty of questions as this mystery deepens.

The object reportedly appeared to the witness on the third of this month as he was outside.  The object appeared to be roughly rectangular in shape, and had a strange flashing quality to it as though either the entire body of the craft or lights on top of it were flashing light.  The witness watched the mysterious craft it slowly drifted behind a tree where it remained flashing with the tree between the witness and the object itself.  But then as the witness stood watching, suddenly a beam of light flashed from the mystery object and hit him directly in the eye.  Staggered by the sudden and startling occurrence, the witness stumbled back and noticed that the flash had only hit him in one eye, as the other eye was largely unharmed.  But then as he looked away, he noticed an unmistakable symbol emblazoned across his vision.  Somehow the witness held the memory of the symbol in his mind and it didn’t leave him as he continued observing the mysterious craft.

As the witness reached his house he recovered and finally sketched out the mysterious symbol.  Not being familiar with the objects so often reported flitting about through the skies, he was interested by his ordeal and began researching symbols associated with aliens.  When he reached a photograph made of some of the alien symbols present at the crash in Roswell New Mexico in 1947, he was astonished.  There among the symbols was the very same one lying on his desk in his sketch.  The symbol appears to be a roman numeral one with its top and bottom extended and a third line running parallel through the center.

Why would an unidentified flying object beam a symbol to a frightened witness?  Some schools of thought on the UFO phenomenon suggests that symbols themselves are something extraterrestrials use not only to communicate as humans do, but also to transmit specific energy patterns.  While reproducing and observing the image above I did not experience anything noticeable, but others may have more luck.  It’s difficult to find precedent for symbols at this stage in the internet’s development as most search engines are based on text and there is no universal system for describing them.  The figure is composed of three straight lines running parallel to one another and equidistantly spaced with a fourth line bisecting each.

The symbol has been referenced itself on at least one other occasion by witnesses reporting close encounters with unidentified flying objects and extraterrestrial entities.  In the spirit of recreating the experience reported here, we have provided a reverse copy of what the witness saw.  If you wish to burn this object into your memory as well, simply stare at the red dot in the center of our reproduction for twenty seconds and then look over at a blank white surface or wall.