UFO Boomerang Buzzes Siblings

Two siblings from Bapchule, Arizona report a bizarre sighting on September fourth.  The witnesses both reportedly were driving through town and had just passed a gas station at approximately 4:00 in the morning.  The incredible craft was the size of a house.

The object was first seen by the sister, who had been driving at the time.  She then shook her brother awake so he too would see the incredible object.  As they both watched, they became immediately aware of how rare a sight they must both have been seeing.  The craft wasn’t quite triangular, but rather seemed more boomerang shaped, as though the middle of the craft had been removed.  As it soared over them on Interstate ten, it made absolutely no sound.  The two were confused and parhaps a little scared as they watched the massive object pass over them without a sound.

As they passed by the object they would later discuss whether or not they should go back.  Unfortunately for the siblings, the object had disappeared by this point entirely.  They would not see another like it for the rest of the night.  Theirs was not a completely unheard of sighting, however.  In fact, it would be only one of multiple sightings in the state within the past week.  And there was another sighting to come mere miles away.

The following night in nearby Tucson, a witness walked on to the balcony outside their apartment to get some fresh air and they noticed a mysterious light formation in the sky making strange maneuvers and emitting strange light at alternating intervals.  The lights were at first moving left, then right, then continued the cycle creating an almost hypnotic display in the sky.  As he continued to watch, the lights shifted their position North where it would disappear from sight.  Though from the witness’ angle it was difficult to discover the actual size and shape of this object, the relative distance to the first sighting and the description the second witness includes indicates it could have been the same object.

As it hovered, making the same mysterious signaling motion, no doubt the witness wondered what could be making such a strange motion.  And he would have inevitably been unable to escape the notion that something of potential cosmic significance was going on as he stood on his balcony watching the skies.  With his camera out of reach, he found nothing to do but simply stand and watch in wonder of the moonlit mystery that was unfolding before him.  As is so often the case with UFOs, the real mystery is how the sightings will truly affect us.

Arizona appears to be quite a target these past few days for UFO visits, particularly around the Tucson area.  What could be attracting these mysterious craft to the area so quickly?  And what makes the objects appear different from other traditional triangular craft?  Is this a variation on the black triangle model of UFO, or is it possibly from a different source?