UFO Buzzes Arizona Witness

A witness in Arizona is reporting a dusk encounter with a UFO as they sat in front of their house.  The event is one of several that have been reported in the state over the past couple of weeks.  The incident has left an indelible mark on their psyche and the belief that Earth is not alone in the universe.

At 8:40 PM the witness was sitting on a bench in front of their house talking on the phone with their mother from Idaho.  It was a clear warm night with no cloud cover, and just a blanket of stars becoming ever more visible as the sun disappeared over the horizon.  The stars were particularly bright tonight due to the lack of clouds and a silver moon hung high in the sky.  The witness remembers identifying the planet Venus to the northwest of the home out loud as he watched the skies.  He then turned his attention North where he saw a bright light hovering in the sky approximately three and a half miles from their house.  The object was estimated to be eight times larger than Venus, which he had identified moments earlier to the West.  At first the witness, remembering the location of Pinal Airpark just south of them assumed it must have been a helicopter making its way south and shining a spotlight on him.  But the object had no blinking lights accompanying it as is standard for helicopters and, for that matter, all conventional aircraft.

It was then that the witness noticed the sound the object was making – there was none.  It hovered completely silent over the field.  Sound in Picacho Peak carries for miles to the south of it where the witness was.  Something like an aircraft should have at least been making a dull roar in the distance, but this hovered without any sound whatsoever.  As he continued to watch he went silent and simply held the phone in his hand wondering what the object could be.  As his mother on the other end of the phone inquired why he had suddenly gone so silent, he told her he had just spotted something strange and was going to have to get his wife and son out to take a look at it.  He ran inside and calmly urged them to come onto the front porch to take a look at the object he had spotted.  They did so quickly, and the three of them stood there trying to identify the object that was now moving at the speed of a personal jet.  Even as it got closer it never made a sound.  It seemed to be heading due south.  As they watched, they noted that it never changed altitude or moved to the east or west.  It did, however, (as the witness describes it) “flutter” as though it were weaving very quickly back and forth, but maintaining the same heading the whole time.  The witness’ wife and son both independently noted that it had no blinking lights on it as well, ruling out conventional aircraft.  As the wife ran inside to summon their daughter the lights suddenly shrank quickly without losing their brightness and then blinked out entirely.  By the time it disappeared, it had come within a mile of the house where the witnesses stood watching in amazement.  Moments later an aircraft followed its path with a noticeable engine sound as though to punctuate the experience.