UFO Buzzes Indiana Community

A report coming out of Indiana has reported a sighting a witness had while stepping outside for some fresh air.  The witness was clearly amazed by the strange behavior this craft was exhibiting as it not only was spinning around and it was clearly somehow attempting to search for something on the ground.  The incident was detailed by the witness who observed the incredible maneuvers and followed through telescope.

The incredible report which is only now being submitted for review by the general public and MUFON investigators is regarding an event that occurred on November 20 of last year at 11:30 PM Eastern time.  The witness was looking up at the sky when they noticed a mysterious orb shaped object hovering in the sky and somehow shining a spotlight shining down on the ground and emitting a dull orange light.  As the witness stood transfixed by the mysterious object it suddenly dimmed and two bright spotlights burst out and began searching the ground.  The object was at this point fairly close, no more than approximately a mile away.  And as the witness watched the searchlights he couldn’t help but wonder what it was scanning or looking for.  

Spurred by this mysterious behavior, the witness went inside his house and grabbed his telescope to take a closer look at the object.  As they emerged again they frantically set up the tripod and began scanning in an attempt to hone in on the object’s location.  “It is very difficult to follow moving objects in telescopes,” the witness declared in their testimony, but soon they got a good bead on it and observed it as it hovered at an estimated altitude somewhere between 500 and 1,000 feet and an estimated distance of a little under one mile.  By this time the two spotlights were now three steady white lights.  At what the witness assumes was the rear of the object another smaller red light was flashing off and on.  The lights seemed to be making a triangle formation and seemed to follow one another as though part of a single craft.  As the witness continued to watch, the object began moving.

The object turned over and flipped upside down, but then soon moved again and reverted to its original state without doing a full roll.  Instead it followed the path it once had.  This is interesting, since it shows more control than if the object had simply used a sort of thruster to flip itself around.  It did this several times, and even performed several dive maneuvers before returning to an altitude of around 1,000 feet.  Amazed, the witness backed slowly indoors to get a camera, but found that the object had vanished by the time he got back outside.

Could it have been an experimental military aircraft?  Or was it a visitor from another world?  The witness furthermore included in their report that the mysterious triangular craft may have been experiencing some sort of engine trouble and could have been performing a test in order to diagnose what the problem could be.  In reality, unless the occupants (if any) of this craft could be questioned, it’s difficult to ascertain why it would perform such strange and incredible maneuvers.