UFO Buzzes ISS – NASA: Turn Off That Camera!

Certainly a strange piece of footage from NASA that some are paying close attention to.  The footage was originally incidental and from the International Space Station and then broadcast to the public through NASA’s live stream.  After the footage made its way Online the first few viewers could believe their eyes.  A strange object appears in the void of space and shortly afterward a NASA spokesperson cuts in abruptly and tells the Astronauts to pause the live feed.

As the footage begins we can see a glittering object in the distance and then leaving.  Shortly afterward an object returns from that position and then finally vanishes as the feed is interrupted.  Of course not before you hear the voice of someone on the ground saying with an imperative tone to pause the feed.  Looking back on why NASA would make such an unusual request, the footage did display something quite unusual in the background.

And so the question is why would NASA suddenly cut the video feed?  And is there something more to this that they aren’t letting on?  While several people within the space agency have come forward suggesting “something unusual” is going on in the skies above our planet, there has been no official disclosure in the way of NASA officially changing its position on extraterrestrial visitations to our planet.  Although there is a very real possibility of there being a change within our lifetime, it’s difficult to tell if this will ever happen.  And while official disclosures have been on the rise, this is one of the top three entities alongside the Federal government and the United Nations that the west is still hoping to hear from before the UFO phenomenon finally becomes a historical event rather than speculation bordering official disclosure.  And so perhaps this is one of the reasons NASA cannot disclose footage such as this.

Of course let’s not forget the incident filmed aboard the space shuttle Endeavor during its final flight on May 25, 2011.  In the footage we can see a strange object suddenly appearing in the distance and then zoom off.  The strange footage was later uploaded to Youtube and has since then received over 165,000 views.

And of course there’s also another question if indeed extraterrestrials or some other form of highly advanced beings are visiting our spacecraft as they travel into the stars.  Why would they find it necessary?  Are they merely charting our progress?  Recording our movements for history?  Or is there some other answer?  Perhaps one day we will know, but in the mean time we are left speculating over whether there even is something strange in the skies at all.  The footage is far from proof positive, but it is only one of several hundred things some UFOlogists can point to that suggests NASA isn’t telling the whole story.