UFO Case Study TV Show Contract Signed

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We just signed a contract for a tv show..

here’s the info..

Flame TV will meet Bob White and party in Grand Junction, Colorado on Sat March 27th and the production company will go to where Bob’s encounter happened to do a reconstruction of the incident. They will then go to Cisco, UT to try to find the diner where Bob and his female companion stopped for coffee and where he reported his encounter to the military at the Green River military installation. The production company will film Dr.Gilbert Jordan in front of the Green River military installation about 100 miles from Cisco, UT, if the military permits filming at the base.

Flame TV has arranged for another polygraph test for Bob, which will be done on Sunday morning, March 28th. It will be a good visual sequence with all the equipment and process, and will add weight to Bob?s story. Sunday afternoon, Flame TV will film the meeting of Bob White, Robert St. John, and Tim Edwards, and the group will watch Edwards’ UFO video taken in 1995, ten years after Bob’s encounter, in Colorado

Flame TV has found Professor Joe Fandrice at Mesa State College who will test a piece of Bob’s object on Monday, March 29th to examine a portion of the object by employing the optical properties of a scanning electron microscope (SEM). A qualitative chemical analysis will be performed using EDS (energy dispersive spectrometry). Monday afternoon, the Flame TV production crew will leave for Denver, and Bob and party will start back to Missouri.
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