UFO “Chase” Has Witness Fleeing, Terrified into Park

A witness reporting his encounter to the Mutual UFO Network from Amarillo Texas recalled a disturbing event that occurred in Amarillo Texas in February of 1971.  Though the events were clearly troubling when they happened at the time, the witness felt it necessary to keep to herself afterward until now.  Though it is normally an experience that can prove to be somewhat troubling, when she was 14, the witness found herself the target of a peculiar object that chased her as she tried to get away.

It all started as the witness was preparing for a slumber party at a friend’s house.  She acquired all of her belongings and set out with her friend and set out in the late winter’s afternoon.  It wasn’t very far to walk, but they wanted to get there on time so they took a brisk pace down the street.  Turning off the main road, they moved through the park where the witness suddenly heard a low pitched humming sound breaking across through the air behind them.  As they turned, they noted that nothing was behind them and continued.  As they walked they recall seeing a very old woman standing some ways away and simply staring behind them.  Not thinking much of it at the time, the two continued on not thinking to ask why the woman was completely petrified.

After hearing the humming sound again a couple of times, and as they kept looking the witnesses became increasingly agitated over the sound’s source.  Eventually as they spun around they stopped dead in their tracks as they saw an object hovering directly behind and above them.  Excited, the witness pointed up into the air and started yelling, “It’s a UFO!  It’s a UFO!”  As she took a step toward the strange object, it lowered itself down toward them and they both became suddenly gripped with an unexplained terror.  As they ran, the object shot off toward them.  

Eventually, the witnesses reached an area in the park where they could hide and they jumped into some brush where they could hide.  Peering out from the bushes they could see the strange metallic shape suddenly shoot up into the air and disappear.  Troubled but overwhelmed with excitement, the two eventually reached their friends in the hopes of sharing their experience.  As is the case with so many experiences, when they wished to share it their story fell on deaf ears.  Their friends wanted nothing to do with the unexplained.  And so the witness kept it with her all these years until now when she finally shared the experience with the Mutual UFO Network.

It’s always difficult to be the only one who has spotted something unusual.  And so often witnesses find themselves, even amid the most fantastic of experiences, attempting to grapple with their position in the universe long after it no longer is considered socially acceptable to be still talking about it.  But when fantastic events intermingle with the real it’s always difficult to keep the truth silent.