UFO Chased Away From Kennedy Space Center

A witness in Viera Florida has submitted a report detailing a close encounter he had with an unidentified flying object near Kennedy Space Center to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON).  The craft described left the witness with a sense of wonder and caused him to reconsider whether or not aliens were indeed among us.  And the location of the sighting, just above the Kennedy Space Center raises questions about whether the craft was some sort of experimental vehicle of terrestrial origin or if it could have truly been a UFO of other unknown origin.

The craft described was an unknown triangular shaped object hovering just south of the space center as the witness stood in his back yard watching aircraft passing by.  As the object hovered, the witness was able to track the object’s passage through the sky for approximately one minute.  The description of the unidentified craft the witness gives suggests the object was at an altitude of approximately 10,000 feet and accelerated to incredible speeds as it soared through the air.

Perhaps the most telltale aspect of the sighting as an unidentified flying object aside from the speed which was incredible was the fact that there was no associated sound with the object as it passed overhead.  Even at an altitude of 10,000 feet, an aircraft with conventional engines would have given off a distant roar as it passed by.  Even so called stealth aircraft are only intended to be invisible to radar and make incredible sounds as they move at incredible speed through the air.

The witness describes the aircraft as being approximately half the size of a football field from end to end and possessing a body that was apparently more or less invisible, showing characteristics that no known conventional aircraft is known to possess.  A truly transparent or even translucent aircraft would be a technological advantage even the world’s most advanced aeronautics agencies are not expecting to develop for some time, although a recent proposal by Airbus has suggested a future model may be in the works within our lifetimes.  By contrast, the UFO community has been proposing the sighting of several such unidentified craft for years.

The witness reports that with the number of conventional military aircraft that were scrambled and came into view after his UFO sighting made him wonder whether or not the president had entered the city.  No such visit was, however, scheduled for October third.  Several white black hawk helicopters were sighted moving toward Kennedy space center after the witness reported his encounter all moving toward Kennedy space center.

The witness was left with the conclusion that he had spotted an unidentified flying object.  The craft quickly soared in the direction of the space center and disappeared as it flew out of view of the witness.  Triangular shaped craft such as this have been spotted several times over the years by skeptics and believers alike, leading many to wonder whether or not the craft were somehow related to the phenomenon of flying saucers or even a new military technology that has been left unreleased to the public for several years and developed unchecked many decades in advance of other stealth military aircraft.