UFO Cluster Follows Electrical Storm

A witness submitting a report to MUFON has come forward to MUFON the Mutual UFO Network saying he and several other witnesses spotted several mysterious object in the sky eerily flitting about and following a brewing electrical storm.  The witness was working in his house when he was called out into his yard where somewhere around ten witnesses observed a strange sight.

The witnesses were observing a sort of cloud of UFOs flitting about the sky beneath a brewing storm without rain that was passing overhead.  It was just before midnight on November 17th in 1972 when the witnesses reported the strange aerial phenomenon.  As he stood in his yard watching the mysterious orbs, the witness was overcome with various emotions.  In addition to the standard awe he was feeling at the sighting he was also filled with a sense of joy that caused him to feel like laughing and crying at the same time.  It was as though something had been revealed to him that had been until that point a secret.

The objects themselves were small spheres of light with a center of bright light and darker black edges around the light.  They seemed to be traveling with the storm.  They moved in formation emitting lights that the witness describes “with colors like I’d never seen before.”  After hanging suspended along with the clouds for some time the lights began dimming and the formation moved up into the sky.  The witness reported that the objects themselves seemed almost transparent around the edges.

This isn’t the only report involving small “probe”-like objects hanging suspended in the sky above shocked observers below.  Though this particular event happened in 1972 there was another event that happened in a very similar way more recently where a witness reported seeing a cloud of brightly lit smaller UFOs hanging above his cabin in December.  What would be the purpose of these smaller craft?  And do they contain occupants?

Given the size that is usually associated with these craft (we’ll call them probes for lack of a better term) it seems the occupants within would have to be either incredibly compact or far smaller than those traditionally seen during alien abduction scenarios.  They may be remote controlled or act on some form of artificial intelligence to perform simple tasks like gathering atmospheric data.  Or perhaps their real purpose is directly achieved by being sighted by witnesses in the fashion they were in this case.  Is it possible that there is a reason behind alien craft suddenly appearing before witnesses?  UFOlogists have been saying for years that it is because of a desire to acclimate witnesses to a coming full alien disclosure.

But when looking at the other possibilities it does seem odd that UFO sightings have been happening for such a long period of time and yet we still have yet to actually have full on disclosure.  Perhaps the sightings themselves are not a means, but rather the end in themselves.  Although what they accomplish is just as much a mystery as the nature of the craft themselves.