UFO Crash Government Denies It Alien Bodies In Africa



This next case is more recent it happened on the 7th may 1989 in South Africa at 13h45 GMT the naval frigate “SA Tafalberg” radioed Cape Town Naval HQ to report a UFO that had appeared on radar scopes.heading toward the African continent in a north westerly direction at a calculated speed of 5746 nautical miles per hour! Naval HQ acknowledged and confirmed that object was also tracked by air born radar, military ground radar installations and DF Halan International Airport at Cape Town. The object entered South African air space at 13h52 GMT radio contact was attempted with object, but all communications proved futile. Valhalla Air-force base was notified and 2 armed mirage FIIG fighters were scrambled. the object suddenly changed course at great speed which would be impossible for military aircraft to duplicate. at 13h59 GMT squadron leader go men reported radar and visual confirmation of the object.the order was given to arm and fire the experimental aircraft mounted Thor 2 laser cannon at object, this was done.

Squadron leader go men reported several blinding flashes eliminated from the object. the object started wavering whilst still heading in a northerly direction. At 14h02 GMT it was reported that object was decreasing altitude at a rate of 3000 feet per minute then at great speed it dived at an angle of 25 degrees and impacted in desert terrain 80km north of South African border with Botswana. Identified as the Central Kalahari Desert. Squadron leader go men was instructed to circle the area until retrieval of the object was complete. A team of air-force intelligence officers, together with medical and technical staff were promptly taken to area of impact for investigation and retrieval of the object.

The findings were as follows,

1) a crater 150 meters in diameter and 12 meters in depth.
2) a silver colored disc shaped object 45 degrees embedded in side of crater.
3) around object sand and rocks were fused together by the intense heat.
4) an intense magnetic and radioactive environment around the object resulted in electronic failure in air-force equipment.
5) it was suggested by team leader that object be moved to a classified air force base for further investigation and this was done. The terrain of impact was filled in with sand and rubble to disguise all evidence of this event having ever taken place.

Craft specifications. the following are specifications as indicated by preliminary investigation at classified air force base.. type of craft**** unknown suspected extraterrestrial. origin***** unknown suspected extraterrestrial. Identifiable markings*** none, curious insignia forged into metal on side of craft. Dimensions length 20 yards approx height 9.5 yards approx weight 50.000 kilograms estimated. material of construction unknown pending further laboratory results. Outer surface of object flawless polished smooth silver color. No visible seams noted inside or on outer surface of craft. Perimeter showed 12 unevenly spaced flush with outer surface oval shaped portholes. Source of propulsion, unknown pending laboratory results.


A hydraulic type landing gear was fully deployed suggesting that electronic malfunction caused object to crash. This may have been due also Thor 2 laser cannon being fired at craft.

While the investigating teams observed the object at classified AFB. A loud sound was heard it was them noted that a hatch or entrance on lower side of craft had opened slightly. This opening was later prized open with heavy mechanical gear. Two humanoid entities clothed in tight fitting gray suits emerged and were promptly taken to makeshift medical center level 6 of classified AFB. Various objects taken from inside of craft for analysis the craft has been placed in a sterile environment.


Origin unknown suspected extraterrestrial height 4-4.5 ft complexion grayish blue – skin texture smooth extremely resilient. Hair totally devoid of any bodily hair. Head oversize in relation to human proportions raised cranium area with dark blue markings extended around head. Face prominent cheek bones eyes large and slanted upwards towards side of face no pupils seen nose small consisting of two nostrils mouth small slit devoid of lips jaw wide in relation to human jaw ears none seen neck very thin in relation to humans body arms long and thin reaching just above knees. Hands consisting of 3 digits webbed, claw-like nails. Torso chest and abdomen covered in scaly ribbed skin, hips small narrow. Legs short and thin. Genitals no exterior sexual organs. Feet consisting of 3 toes no nails and webbed.


Due to aggressive nature of the humanoids no samples of blood or tissue could be taken. When offered various foods,they refused to eat. Method of communication is not known and suspect telepathic. Humanoids are kept in detention at classified AFB awaiting further results of investigation. One way passage has been requested for both humanoids to Wright Patterson Air Force Base in the united states. For more advanced investigation and research. Date of passage to Wright Patterson AFB 23 June 1989 This information has come via very good source a friend of mine who was a Police Sargent in Yorkshire for 25 years. The initial info re this case came from South African intelligence sources by a person inside the intelligence network who gave this information to my friend. this had come from BOSS (bureau of state security) in Pretoria S.A. THE SOUTH AFRICAN CRASH WAS KNOWN AS PROJECT ” BLACK HORSE” MORE SOON.

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