UFO Crash Near Eureka

The night of October 13th, 2009 a strong wind was blowing through the
city of Redding where a strong storm had just passed through. 
According to the MUFON report submitted two days later, it was a night
one man and his wife would not forget for quite some time.  The man
(whom we’ll call Max) was out in the corral on his property with his
wife (whom we’ll call Tina) when Max suddenly became aware of a
circular shaped object hovering in a clear patch of sky.

The object was tilted slightly so they could see the entirety of the
underside, and that a ring of lights beneath it forming a clear reddish
orange circle around it.  Max estimates that the object was somewhere
around a mile and a half east of their property at about 3,000 feet of
elevation.  Seeing it, Max thought about the airport the object
appeared to be soundlessly hovering above.  He and his wife had lived
directly under the flight path of passenger air-craft for years, and
this object was clearly not following that path.

Despite the weather, which had been horrendous, this object appeared to
have absolutely no difficulty remaining stationary like a glowing penny
glued to a starry black patch of ceiling.  Gusts of wind that night
were in excess of 50 miles per hour in some areas on the ground with
wind gusts higher up no doubt even more tumultuous.  Max had seen
helicopters before, and therefore knew what he was seeing was something
completely different.  As clouds passed under it, it could still be
faintly seen through them.

Part of the couples’ corral fence had been knocked over by a frightened
horse during the storm, allowing one of them to escape.  Despite this
emergency, Tina and Max found themselves just staring at the object
completely transfixed as the horses ran wild about them.  “What is
that?” they kept asking one another, but there was no answer either of
them could fathom.  Close to five minutes passed before a blanket of
cloud finally rolled up beneath the object obscuring it from their

Though they tried, they could not explain the sighting away as a mere
airplane or distant star or planet.  The object clearly bore
resemblance to something they had only heard stories about.  Did they
see a mysterious craft of unknown origin?  Could this have been a UFO,
or more specifically a flying saucer?  Tina was the more skeptical of
the two, and could not come up with an explanation as to what it could
have been.

Two days later, Tina was looking on the internet when she saw a
web-site listing a series of posts that the local police department in
Redding had received a flood of calls almost exactly 24 hours after
their sighting inquiring about unidentified lights floating over the
Keswick Dam area, a mere three miles from the couples’ sighting.  The
plot thickens when they read the details of these sightings.  A flash
of light had basked the countryside near Eureka, CA as though something
had crashed in the mountains West of them.  Was it just a meteorite? 
Or something else?  The wording of the post speaks for itself, “RPD is
being flooded with calls.  Hundreds of people have witnessed and even
heard the airship flying erratically over Keswick area.  Then it seemed
to drop out of the sky. [There was] a large explosion near Eureka.” 
Stay tuned for updates on this case as it develops.