UFO Crash Predates Wright Flight

One of the earliest UFO incidents is also one of the most dramatic and under reported.  The incident involved the recovery of a crashed cigar shaped craft and the burial of its occupants in 1897.  The incident has been labeled in some circles as analogous to the Roswell incident in several respects with one major difference.  Rather than being covered up with the body of the craft’s occupant carted off to a military installation, the creature was simply buried in a grave in Aurora cemetery.  Is an alien being still buried there to this day?

The year was 1897, and the Wright brothers would not be making their famous first flight at Kitty Hawk for six years.  Witnesses throughout the county would observe the mysterious appearance of a disc shaped craft that was emitting a great amount of smoke as it zipped down to the ground.  The witnesses, all of which had never before seen a flying craft gathered around the remains of the object and noted a mysterious being ejected from the craft as it broke apart after crashing.  The being was said to be a “martian,” though no description was made other than the fact that it had strange features.  The townspeople of Aurora would later decide the being deserved a proper burial, and without any knowledge of what they should do with the object, they simply threw it in a well.  The creature was then buried at a local cemetery where it apparently remains to this day.  After the incident, some of the witnesses would report strange illnesses who had handled the remains of the creature.  And this was only the beginning of what would become one of the strangest stories ever to be repeated in American history.

There would be two official investigations, and though each would in its own way uncover evidence that would raise serious questions, neither would conclude effectively that the official story was either right or wrong.  What they would gather, would be some of the most peculiar evidence and testimony ever gathered in a case of its kind.

The MUFON investigation uncovered several different points of interest including a piece of metal that was later analyzed and turned out to be peculiar in several ways.  The metal was suspected of being from an extraterrestrial source similar to a meteor due to the fact that it contained several minerals, but lacked others more commonly seen on Earth.

But when the grave itself was analyzed, investigators discovered a gravestone with a mysterious cigar-like shape on its surface.  As they looked on a separate occasion, however, they discovered that it was suddenly missing and a survey of the area uncovered that the metal signature was no longer present.  The remains were suspected of having been moved somehow along with the gravestone.  The investigation would prove to be one of the greatest disappointments to the UFO field.  But what of the well?  Investigators would not be allowed to look in it by the owners of the land on which the well resided.