UFO Disables Car Leaving Motorists Helpless

A story has just been released through the UFO reporting website through the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) in which two college students sharing a hall in the spring of 1965 shared an experience unlike anything they had ever been able to understand.  the experience lasted no more than a minute, but would change their lives and the lives of those close to them forever.

It all began when the two hall mates, both female decided to take a road trip out into the country just outside Springfield in Missouri.  They had taken their boyfriends with them to provide company and make the long road trip seem like less of a chore.  But the ones they had with them would soon prove to be more than mere company, as they would soon witness an encounter with something very clearly not of this Earth.

As the witnesses drove on, suddenly they became very aware of a mysterious light in the sky.  Taking note of it, they continued down the road before suddenly their car died in the middle of the road.  It was as if some force unknown to them had effected the very driving mechanism of the vehicle.  As the four checked their watches and attempted to get news on the radio they realized that not only had the radio suddenly stopped working, but their watches had all stopped as well.  The light they had witnessed earlier suddenly soared down to their vehicle and hovered overhead, emitting an unearthly glow that filled the car terrifying the witnesses.  The light hovered above the car for a minute, though that time no doubt felt like ages as the terrified witnesses attempted to make sense of what was going on.  Knowledge of the abduction phenomenon was still in its infancy at that age, and there was little material available to let the witnesses know exactly what was going on.

One of the male witnesses has a vague impression of the shape the visiting craft must have had, but was unable to give further details.  He describes all witnesses involved as anything but a bunch of crackpots.  As they watched, they took note of every detail that came across their vision, but the details themselves were surprisingly lacking.  Of the four witnesses, all were training to be involved in their local churches in various ways with three wanting to be missionaries while a fourth planned to be a priest.  One of the details that still haunts the witness submitting the report is the image of the other three witnesses and their ghostly faces as they are terrified by the events that transpired around them.  Though the events happened over 40 years ago the witnesses are still understandably troubled by them.  And we are left just as they are with the question why.  Why were they selected?  And what purpose did terrifying them serve for these unknown entities who visited in their craft so long ago?  As we wait for the answers only our imaginations serve to fill this void of mystery.